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Does Growing A Beard Increase Your Testosterone Level?

Will growing a long beard help your testosterone levels? The science behind it is not what you think. Learn how your t-hormone and beard are connected.

Quick summary

  • Testosterone levels and beard growth are connected, with higher testosterone levels leading to thicker and faster-growing beards.
  • Low testosterone levels can slow down beard growth, but not necessarily prevent it completely.
  • Taking testosterone boosters, such as Testogen, Prime Male, and TestRX, can increase testosterone levels and improve beard growth.

Growing a beard might be a time-consuming and almost impossible task for some men.

There is no magic medication for improving facial hair thickness; however, there is no shortage of urban legends about activating the facial hair follicles to produce more hair.

The belief that bigger beards have higher testosterone levels than those with thinner ones is another frequent fallacy.

Even though testosterone is involved in facial hair development, reduced testosterone levels are rarely the cause of sparse face hair growth in adults.

Occasionally, a lack of testosterone could be the root reason for inadequate beard development. People who have extremely low testosterone levels usually struggle with facial hair.

Let’s find out how your beard and testosterone are connected.

How are your beard and testosterone levels connected?

Unless your t-level is clinically low, it’s highly unlikely that your facial hair development is affected.

If you do have low T-levels, you will almost certainly experience the associated symptoms. The vulnerability to testosterone and DHT, on the other hand, can hasten the onset of male pattern baldness.

This means that having a thick, healthy beard is frequently associated with losing your hair on your head earlier, but this is not always the case for every gentleman.

Lower testosterone levels don’t always imply that the beard is always patchy and that you won’t be capable of growing a beard at all, as some people believe. Simply put, it indicates that the beard will likely grow at a slower rate.

However, there is no proven science behind the claim that growing a thicker beard could increase the t-levels.

Increase testosterone for beard growth

Now that you’ve learned that the t-hormone is the key to growing a thicker & faster-growing beard, it’s time to learn about the testosterone boosters for increasing testosterone levels in your body.

Here are some of the best T-boosters:


A good explanation why Testogen is such a well-known name in gym supplements is that it provides a high-quality product.

Those who work out regularly and want to improve their performance lose body fat more quickly and raise their total muscle mass rely on this testosterone booster.

Prime Male

Prime Male is intended to assist men with low testosterone levels in improving their mood, increasing their energy levels, and regaining their confidence in everyday activities.


Taking TestRX in conjunction with a good diet and regular exercise can undoubtedly be beneficial.

The benefits include improved performance, treats baldness, weight loss, and increased muscle mass.


Having a long beard will not certainly increase your t-hormone, but having lots of testosterone will give you a long thick beard.

Also, it is clear that low T-levels are not directly related to beard growth, but it may dwindle the growth rate.

Including a testosterone booster is the best natural remedy to fortify your facial hair growth without the need for any chemical drugs.

Written by Tom Knight
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