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Does Natural Sugar Lower Testosterone?

Can’t you resist the sugary food? Well, studies say you may be risking your testosterone health. Learn more about it here, and a tip to combat it.

Quick summary

  • High sugar intake has been found to lower testosterone levels due to the release of insulin to balance sugar metabolism. This can lead to various health issues, such as excess body fat, muscle loss, poor sexual performance, and difficulty concentrating.
  • Studies have shown that even in young, healthy adults, consuming glucose-rich food can result in a rapid decrease in total and free testosterone levels in the blood.
  • Natural testosterone boosters like TestRX, Testolan, and Testogen can help maintain testosterone levels in those who have low testosterone due to sugar intake. These supplements are made with 100% natural ingredients and are produced in cGMP facilities, ensuring quality and safety.

Excess sugar can cause several health problems, some of which could even be life-threatening.

Despite that, all of us love to eat sugary stuff, and that would keep on going like that forever.

But did you also know that your sugar craving can also leave you weak, older, and less driven, as well as more exhausted?

On top of that, some studies show that high sugar in the body could hamper the free testosterone in the blood, thereby creating sexual, mental, and physical issues.

Let’s try to dig a little deeper and under more about this.

Does sugar decrease testosterone?

Yes, you are correct; natural sugar lowers testosterone. Testosterone levels drop drastically after consuming glucose-rich food because of the spontaneous release of insulin to balance the sugar metabolism.

Men who have low testosterone levels for an extended period may face various problems, including excess body fat, muscle loss, poor sexual prowess, osteoporosis, difficulties concentrating, memory loss, and poor sleep.

According to a 2018 study conducted in the United States, high sugar intake reduces testosterone even in young and healthy adults.  The sweeter the soda drinks were, the lower their testosterone levels eventually became.

Another study conducted in 2013 found a rapid decrease in total and free testosterone levels in the blood when oral glucose was administered for a certain period.

So what can you do to maintain T-levels if you are also facing low testosterone issues due to sugar?

The best way to maintain testosterone levels is by taking natural testosterone boosters if they are going down due to sugar intake.

Testosterone boosters for increasing testosterone

Ideally, eating a balanced diet is the best workaround. But in this busy and fast-paced life, nobody would find time to manage their diet.

For this reason, men of all ages make use of these natural testosterone booster supplements, which are good for men who would like to bulk up.

For such men, the top quality testosterone boosters are listed below:

Most people would take one look at these pills and wonder how effective it could possibly be, but it is really packed with beneficial nutrients that can stimulate the natural biosynthesis of androgens.

Quality and safety are guaranteed since the product manufacturing is done in a cGMP facility. Plus, all the ingredients used are 100% natural and clinically proven.


It is very easy for natural sugar to surge in your blood due to the lifestyle changes we are being through.

As a result, our testosterone will always be in the swing until we act by bringing strict changes to our routine.

One great and effective workaround is to include natural testosterone boosters in our current routine to manage the t-hormone before it’s too late.

Written by Tom Knight
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