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Does Semen Retention Increase Testosterone Levels?

It is believed that semen retention can increase your testosterone levels? But is there any scientific validity for this? Learn more about it here.

Quick summary

  • Semen retention refers to the process of retaining sperm to avoid ejaculation. Studies have found an increase in testosterone levels following short periods of abstinence from ejaculation.
  • The impact of semen retention on testosterone levels is not fully understood and is still up for debate.
  • An alternative to semen retention for increasing testosterone levels is consuming natural testosterone supplements such as Testogen, Testolan, and TextRX. These supplements provide various health benefits and have been proven to increase testosterone levels without sacrificing sexual activity.

Before understanding is whether semen retention increases testosterone levels or not, let’s first understand what semen retention is?

The process of retaining sperm to avoid ejaculation is known as sperm retention. You can accomplish this by refraining from engaging in sexual behavior altogether.

While it is unlikely that practicing semen retention for just a short amount of time can enhance your fertility, it is possible that doing so will increase your fertility the following time you have sex.

In some cases, short durations of abstention from ejaculation might result in larger sperm volume being present throughout a person’s next ejaculation than would otherwise be the case.

To find out how semen retention affects testosterone levels, let’s understand in brief.

How semen retention affects T levels?

One study, for instance, discovered that after 7 days of abstinence, men’s serum levels of testosterone had increased by 146 percent compared to their initial levels.

Another study discovered higher testosterone levels following three weeks of abstinence.

According to specialists, the assumption that normal sperm retention could have a significant impact on testosterone levels is unfounded.

There are very few non-conclusive evidences that it may be beneficial to testosterone levels—and nothing to show that it is harmful to testosterone levels.

If you’re fascinated by it and believe it will be beneficial, go ahead and do it. Just make certain that you’re still engaging in safe sexual behavior.

How to increase T levels without semen retention

If you don’t want to abstain from sexual activity and still want to be good in bed, want improved stamina and good T levels, then why not switch to testosterone supplements?

Here are the 3 best testosterone boosters available:

Why choose them?

Most of the ingredients in these testosterone boosters are self-explanatory. They are available as a stand-alone product or as a component of a formulation.

It is especially useful for those with T levels that are lower than the quantity required for peak performance to take advantage of natural testosterone supplements.

As a result, many sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts have included them in their supplement stack as a result of their positive results.

Testosterone boosters give a variety of health benefits to their users, ranging from increased muscular mass to increased sexual drive and the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Aside from that, it has been shown to boost athletic performance as well as stamina and endurance.


Well, you got to know that it is still not clinically proven that semen retention increases T levels, then why stop yourself from sexual activities?

You can consume these testosterone boosters without giving up anything, and they will not only help in increasing testosterone levels but are also good for your health.

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