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Does Training Legs Increase Testosterone Levels?

Can working out for your leg muscles increase testosterone levels? The answer is not what you are expecting. Learn more about it here.

Quick summary

  • Resistance training, including squats and deadlifts, can lead to higher testosterone levels compared to just focusing on upper body training.
  • Natural testosterone boosters, such as Andro 400, Prime Male, and Nugenix Ultimate, can be taken to supplement the natural increase in testosterone from leg muscle training.
  • A combination of leg muscle training and a natural testosterone booster can provide added benefits to physical, sexual, and mental health without harmful side effects.

The majority of the gym-goers might be aware of this ludicrous trend of training the upper body and neglecting the lower body.

Eventually, it turns out that training your leg could hike the t-levels, which is good for your physical, sexual, and mental health!

Let try to understand the science behind this claim and delve through some research articles to validate it.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this article.

Will training your leg muscles boost testosterone levels?

The lower body muscles are mostly underrated, and most gym-goers don’t pay enough attention to toning that part of the body. As a result, an asymmetrically bulked-up upper body with a slim torso is what you’d get.

In one of the studies, it was observed that people who do more squats and deadlifts had comparatively higher growth hormone and testosterone levels than their counterparts who just focus on the upper body.

Not just that, all kinds of resistance training were also found to contribute towards a hike in t-hormone production.

Any kind of workout can trigger the release of t-hormone for muscle development. Since the leg muscles are larger and more pronounced than upper body muscles, there will be higher testosterone levels.

What can you do alongside training your leg muscles to boost the t-levels?

Whether you be a consistent gym rat or a casual gym-goer, if testosterone levels need to be hiked, you need something that can seriously work inside your body.

Steroids and other chemical counterparts are out of choice because of their deadly side effects.

If you want to compliment the natural t-hike with something safe and natural, then testosterone boosters like Andro 400, Prime Male, Nugenix Ultimate are undoubtedly some of the safest choices.

Make sure that you choose natural, herbal-based, cGMP manufactured, clinically formulated, and steroid-free t-booster.

You don’t need to have a second thought with these products because they are generally safe and clinically tested.


Testosterone levels can improve if you focus on leg muscles during your workout. There is some scientific evidence for that, but the t-hike is subtle and doesn’t bring much change to your overall serum amount.

If you want to supplement the existing natural hike, then you must go with a natural t-booster supplement that is free from steroids.

These products can increase testosterone like their steroid counterparts without spoiling your general health.

So focus on your leg muscles with equal importance as your upper body, and add a testosterone booster for added benefits.

Written by Tom Knight
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