Penile Implant Surgery For Erectile Dysfunction

How Much Penile Implant Surgery For Erectile Dysfunction Cost?

Penile implant surgery may effectively resolve erectile problems, but is it worth it? Learn more about the cost and other alternative workarounds here.

Quick summary

  • Penile implant surgery is a treatment option for chronic erectile dysfunction (ED) that involves placing devices in the scrotum and penis. There are different types of surgeries, such as the three-piece implant and malleable penile surgery, which vary in their function and appearance.
  • The cost of penile implant surgery ranges from $12,000 to $19,000, depending on location, implant grade, and medical care. Insurance coverage may be essential for affording the procedure, but it’s not always guaranteed.
  • Organic erection pills, such as Eron Plus, Max Performer, and Male Extra, offer a safer, more affordable alternative to surgery for treating ED. Made from herbal ingredients, these supplements can help improve sexual function without the need for invasive procedures.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common sexual condition in men. It generally affects older men, but some young men may also experience this condition. When you have erectile dysfunction, you lose the ability to sustain your erection.

However, do not panic at all because ED may be temporary in most cases and can be easily treated.

Although to cure it, you must take care of your health and change your unhealthy lifestyle. Other than that, effective of all is penile implant surgery, which is clinically recommended in the case of a chronic ED.

But, what exactly is this surgery about? Is it safe? And, will your insurance cover the surgery cost?

Well, this article is the ultimate answer. So, keep reading to learn more.

What is penile implant surgery?

When you get a penile implant, your doctor places devices in your scrotum and penis. There are different types of penile implant surgeries. The most popular ones are the three-piece implant surgery and malleable penile surgery.

During the three-piece implant, your surgeon places the cylinder devices in your abdomen. While in case of a malleable penile surgery,  your surgeon will implant flexible rods in your penis.

However, a three-piece implant will only have an effect when you are in the mood, while a malleable penile implant will give you a penis that will never change its size.

Perhaps that is why most men consider a three-piece implant a natural penis erection solution.

How much does it cost?

Well, different clinics offer different price packages. But, even so, the moderate amount lies somewhere between $12,000 to $19,000.

The cost of surgery may further vary based on our location, the grade of implant you choose, and the medical care you are receiving.

The procedure is simple and straightforward, but the expenses that come with it may make you think twice.

So, before getting a penile implant, ensure your insurance covers the cost. The erectile dysfunction surgery cost may not fit everyone’s pocket. So, you may consider getting help from your medical insurance company.

Pocket-friendly fix for ED

While penile implantation can fix a severe ED problem, it certainly comes with a huge cost, and many times your insurance company may deny the claim as well.

This is where nature can help you. Organic erection pills made from herbal ingredients are an excellent choice to treat and reduce the ED-related problem in the majority of cases.

These are 100% natural, made from herbal/animal sources with ingredients that are clinically approved and scientifically studied.

Erection pills are safer and cheaper than surgeries. Plus, if you choose organic erection pills like the following, you will be able to enjoy an amazing sex life as well:


Penile implant surgery is a great workaround for ED. However, you may have to depend on your insurance coverage when it comes to the cost.

The worst part is that since this is implantation, your insurance may reject your claim, or in some cases, they reimburse for the surgery but not for the implant.

Unless your ED is not severe or chronic, you should consider natural erection booster supplements, which are safe, scientific, and proven.

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