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Is It True That Antibiotics Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Are you on antibiotics for a medical condition and worrying that they are the cause of your erectile dysfunction? Well, there is more to it. Read to know.

Quick summary

  • There is no substantial evidence to suggest that antibiotics cause erectile dysfunction (ED), although some antibiotics are known to reduce testosterone levels in men, which could potentially lead to ED.
  • If someone experiences ED while on antibiotics, it could be due to a decline in testosterone levels or fatigue from the medication. Adding more chemical drugs, such as Viagra, might not be ideal while already on antibiotics.
  • Natural erection pills made from herbal, organic, or Ayurvedic ingredients can be used alongside antibiotics to treat ED without causing harmful side effects. Some popular natural performance-boosting pills include Male Extra, Max Performer, VirgRX Plus, and Viasil.

Doctors prescribe antibiotics for several diseases today. These are one of the most potent drugs humans consume, and they can’t be kept away from our life.

Although many people avoid taking antibiotics immediately, these become necessary when your medical condition worsens.

A rumor along the grapevine states that antibiotics cause erectile dysfunction (ED). This rumor might have stemmed from very few unfortunate incidents where larger doses of antibiotics or wrongly administered medicines might have led to such side effects.

But on the larger note, there is not much evidence stating that antibiotics cause ED. Some of these medicines can, in fact, help to treat premature ejaculation.

Read on further to debunk this myth and get your facts right. We shall also share some safe ED supplements in the end.

What are antibiotics & does it affect erection?

Antibiotics are drugs that effectively eliminate bacterial threats inside the human body.

These are generally prescribed to fight bacterial infections. It kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria that otherwise lead to potential health concerns that our immunity alone cannot handle.

Antibiotics cannot fight against viral infections and are effective only against limited fungal infections.

There are no substantial studies that point toward antibiotics and their role in causing ED; however, some antibiotics are known to reduce testosterone levels in men.

Testosterone, being a critical hormone in regulating sexual functions, its improper management can lead to ED.

Are you facing ED while on antibiotics?

While clinically there is no relation, the decline in testosterone alongside the fatigue caused by the antibiotic may be one reason.

If you approach a doctor to get treated for this, they might add other chemical drugs such as Viagra to help you regain erections.

Since you are already on antibiotic medication for different medical conditions, getting more chemicals for your sexual functions is not a good idea.

In such cases, you are left with a few choices to regain your sexual functions and general health. Having a decent and well-balanced diet and proper sleep is one workaround.

Natural erection pills can be used in tandem with the above chemical medications to treat ED. This way, you don’t need to add more chemicals to your system.

Nutraceutical-based erection supplements are made from herbal, organic, or Ayurvedic ingredients. These are 100% safe without any side effects.

Some of the renowned natural performance-boosting pills are Male Extra, Max Performer, VirgRX Plus, and Viasil, some of the best booster pills available on the internet.


To wrap things up, antibiotics do not generally cause erectile dysfunction. However, it may cause a significant decline in testosterone levels, which may or may not lead to ED.

But, if you are on antibiotics and facing ED issues, you may want to get a supplement to boost your t-hormone levels.

Nutraceutical erection booster supplements are a great way to keep your masculinity high note without interfering with the antibiotic. Plus, as a perk, these are products with no major side effects as well.

There is a whole load of supplements out there in the market. Make sure you use a top-of-the-line erection booster pill to enjoy the best of benefits.

Written by Tom Knight
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