IDC-10 Classification For Erectile Dysfunction

IDC-10 Classification For Erectile Dysfunction: What Does It Mean?

Do you know erectile dysfunction is so prevalent that it is classified under WHO’s ICD-10 classification? Read more to understand what this means.

Quick summary

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies erectile dysfunction (ED) under the ICD-10-CM code, providing a medical understanding of the condition and its various causes and treatments.
  • Different codes within the ICD-10 classification system address aspects of ED, such as diagnosis, combination of causes, possible types, medications, and therapies.
  • While not officially endorsed by the WHO, natural supplements like Max Performer, Male Extra, and Viasil have been effective for many people in treating ED, potentially offering an alternative to conventional medical treatments.

You must be aware of what exactly World Health Organisation (WHO) is. It has designed a series of codes that allows you to check out the catalogue for the disease you are looking for.

Under which, you can get various classifications, leading you to the important information.

In fact, under the ICD-10-CM code, WHO classifies the conditions related to erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Not just that, it also talks about various diseases that can cause erectile dysfunction.

So, keep reading to determine what erectile dysfunction ICD 10 code has to classify.

According to the ICD-10 classification, what is erectile dysfunction?

You may have read many articles by now that tell you what exactly ED is, but the WHO ICD-10 classification allows you to understand the medical version of this condition.

According to this, erectile dysfunction is a disorder that takes away the ability to sustain an erection while having sex with your partner or while masturbating. It generally occurs in elderly people, but younger men may also experience it for various reasons.

However, it is important to consult an expert if you are already experiencing ED. And that is because it may mean that your nerves are damaged, or your blood vessels are congested due to high blood pressure or cholesterol.

But, the erectile dysfunction ICD 10 code also says erectile dysfunction can be treated in no time if you take proper care of your health.

Three things to keep in mind are:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Quit smoking
  • Balance your body weight

What are different codes, and what do they mean?

The erectile dysfunction ICD 10 code is not the only one. In fact, it has fewer codes that classify the condition of erectile dysfunction through various aspects.

The following are some of them:

  • Code N52.32: This code refers to diagnosing erectile dysfunction with radical cystectomy.
  • Code N52.03:  This code refers to the combination of corpora-venous occlusive and arterial insufficiency that causes erectile dysfunction.
  • Code N52.8: This code refers to the possible types of erectile dysfunction that can affect your sex life.
  • Code N52.2: This code refers to the possible medications or drugs that cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Code N52.36: This code refers to the interstitial seed therapy to cure erectile dysfunction in men.

A secret that WHO won’t tell you!

Sexual problems are always embarrassing, and that is one reason why people affected with sexual problems high in number. While not endorsed directly by WHO, natural supplements have always been a solace for many people across globe.

If you are looking for a better way rather than going to the doctor, then you must get yourself herbal erection pills.

Erection pills increase the blood flow level in your penis and allow you to go on for hours. In fact, many sexologists suggest that consuming erectile pills can cure erectile dysfunction to a certain level. So, why not give the following a try?

Some of the top performers in the market are Max Performer, Male Extra, Viasil etc.


According to WHO ICD-10-CM codes, erectile dysfunction is a common, curable, and temporary condition in men. Thanks to this, if you properly care for your health, you can beat the condition in no time.

Even though ED has a global stardom among diseases, it can easily be controlled, even without going to a doctor.

Erection booster pills might be a great choice for that, if not, you can manage it through a proper lifestyle.

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