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Is Daily Masturbation Harmful To Your Body?

Does masturbating affect your health and shrink your genitals? The answer is a big no. Here is everything you need to know about masturbation and its benefits.

Quick summary

  • Masturbation has several benefits, including promoting quality sleep, improving skin, and reducing the risk of prostate cancer.
  • While there is no specific number for the frequency of masturbation, experts suggest doing it as often as desired, but not excessively.
  • Masturbation addiction and feelings of guilt are common side effects, but it does not affect your sex life negatively, and can even help you explore and guide your partner to enhance sexual experiences.

Have you ever heard that masturbating too much can make you blind? Well, it is one of the most common masturbation myths amongst a few others.

In simple terms, when you masturbate, you touch and play with your genital in order to stimulate it.

Masturbation is a very mundane activity performed by any older adolescent or adult. Besides, it has no boundaries.

When you touch yourself, you please yourself and learn what makes you feel good and what does not. Unlike the myths, masturbation is truly a great act that may be a sensitive topic, yet one of the best ways to enhance your sexual life.

In this article, we will unveil everything you must know about masturbation. So keep reading to learn more!

What are the benefits of masturbation?

Everything has its own pros and cons. However, when it comes to masturbation, you are most likely to learn about the benefits. That is why we have mentioned some of the important benefits of masturbation in the following:

Masturbation promotes quality sleep

According to a renowned sex specialist, masturbating before going to bed helps you to have a night of improved sleep. That is because when you have an orgasm, your body releases oxytocin. This chemical puts you to sleep quickly as well as improves the quality.

It improves your skin

Yes! Masturbating has a few amazing beauty benefits. And one of them is improving your skin. Often after you masturbate, you will notice an unusual glow on your skin. This is because when you have an orgasm, your body increases estrogen levels. And, when that happens, it boosts healthier skin and hair.

Has the chances of reducing prostate cancer

Prostate cancer affects the male genitals, specifically in the gland cells. These cancer cells are typically generated due to excessive smoking, lack of physical activity, high calcium and linoleic acid consumption, etc. According to a source, masturbating may reduce the risk of prostate cancer by a great percentage.

Masturbation allows you to last longer in bed

Even though it may not offer the same results for everybody, masturbating before having sex may allow you to last longer than usual. However, this is a great technique, especially for men. That is because women are capable of enjoying multiple orgasms, unlike men. So, ejaculating moments before having sex will help your genitals take some time and be ready to ejaculate again.

What should be the frequency of masturbation?

No such study has pointed out the accurate number of times you should and should not masturbate.

However, since masturbation offers a handful of positive sides and very few negative points, the experts consider it to be a common as well as a low-risk habit.

In fact, the experts suggest masturbating as often as you can, but not too much. First, however, make sure you do not force yourself into it. Then, whenever you have some free time and privacy, you can begin to explore your wild side without shame.

What happens when you masturbate too much?

As we mentioned earlier, masturbation has no such side effects. However, when you masturbate way too often, it could lead to harmless side effects. The following point states the side effects of masturbation:

You may get addicted to it

One of the most common side effects of masturbation is getting addicted to it. Even though this form of addiction is not a very serious problem, it may still affect your daily lifestyle. You may find yourself having the urge to masturbate in various situations. For example, you may want to cancel your plans because you want to enjoy self-love or skip regular chores. Sadly, when that happens, you may also stop focusing on your career, relationships, etc.

You may feel guilty

When you masturbate quite often, you may begin to feel guilty. It may be because of your religious or cultural beliefs. It could also make you feel ashamed and dirty after having an orgasm. However, there is nothing to feel bad about. It is a very common feeling most of us have gone through while making self-love.

Will it affect your sex life?

In simple words, masturbating will not affect your sex life. Besides, you will not face awkward moments if you masturbate pretty often.

In fact, as we mentioned earlier, masturbating allows you to explore yourself. However, the second-best part is that you can guide your partner and show them what makes you feel better.

Doing so will really help you and your partner have one of the best sexes of your lives. Other than that, masturbating will help you to feel good about your body while your partner tries to stimulate it for you.

In fact, you can boost your sex life by making performance boosters a part of your routine.


The number of myths related to masturbation is equivalent to the number of benefits of masturbation. It is a simple, common, and human activity that you must not be ashamed of.

Besides, when you choose to make self-love, you learn about your sexuality, protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as enjoy alone time.

You may choose a top-of-line performance booster like Male Extra, Viasil, Vigrx Plus, etc., to add a sparkle to your experience.

However, make sure you disinfect your hands before taking a wild ride at your imagination station.

Written by Lukas Weier
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