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Is Fig A Magic Sexual Enhancer?

Is the fig fruit a natural aphrodisiac and sex enhancer? Find out how eating this fruit affects your fertility, sperm health, and libido.

Quick summary

  • Figs have natural aphrodisiac properties and contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help boost male infertility and combat erectile dysfunction.
  • Figs are rich in fiber and beneficial for heart and bone health, gut health, and skin and hair health.
  • Natural performance-boosting pills like Male Extra, Max Performer, Virgrx Plus, and Viasil can help cure sexual problems without harmful side effects.

The natural aphrodisiac properties of the fig fruit are not limited to old wives’ tales but have some scientific evidence. This favorite fruit of the elephants has enough and more reasons to be consumed by men too.

Well, we are not only talking about the potential health benefits with vitamins and all; we are also talking about the manhood benefits.

Figs are soft fruits with a thin skin. The color of the skin may vary from purple to green, and the flesh color can be red or white. There are different species of this fruit, some round, some flattened.

Figs are an excellent source of potassium and calcium. These minerals work cohesively to improve bone density, thereby preventing osteoporosis.

They are an excellent source of prebiotics that help overall gut health. This potassium-rich fruit helps combat blood-pressure-related diseases as well by curbing the effects of having too much sodium.

Not only helpful for the heart, digestion system, and bones, but figs are also the sweetest way to boost fertility. Read on further to know how fig promotes your sexual health.

How does fig boost your sexual health?

The new-age knowledge of free radicals promises better health and disease management today.

Free radicals are molecular species that can exist independently in the body. They are highly unstable and reactive. They generally target important macromolecules like lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins.

These free radicals are constantly formed in the body. They are responsible for bringing about normal changes in the body, which we call aging.

Sometimes, they may even lead to diseases like cancer and atherosclerosis. Oxidative damage in the body occurs when the balance between free radicals and antioxidants is disturbed.

This oxidative stress causes damage to many important molecular species in the body, including lipids and proteins. This oxidative chain reaction can be broken down by antioxidants. One can take antioxidants in the natural form to combat oxidative stress.

The common fig (Ficus Carcia, Fc) from the family Moraceae, native to the Middle East and Western Asia, has several antioxidant compounds in its pulp, seeds, peels, and leaves.

The leaves of the fig plant have the strongest antioxidant properties because of the high amounts of phenolic compounds occurring in them. These phenolic compounds can scavenge free radicals.

When it comes to infertility problems in men, it was found that formaldehyde is the leading cause of oxidative stress and cellular damage in the testis. Many studies have been conducted to study the effects of herbal remedies in male infertility treatments.

In a similar study, positive effects of the fig fruit were observed on the sperm count, motility, and testosterone levels in diabetic rats. Since then, it has been established that this fruit can positively change overall sperm health.

Fig is rich in zinc, and zinc boosts testosterone levels significantly, and it is consumed by males facing reduced testosterone levels to combat their issues naturally.

Other health benefits of fig

This humble fruit has many health benefits other than boosting male fertility. These include:

  • High in fiber: The high fiber content in this fruit helps you maintain an ideal weight and good heart health.
  • Helps in combating erectile dysfunction: As per a study published in 2016, it was revealed that figs help in treating erectile dysfunction. Figs are rich in vitamin A, B6, zinc, potassium, and copper, which boost semen production and treat ED.
  • Benefits to skin health: Fig extracts fight anti-aging, thereby improving skin health. Figs can also treat allergic skin reactions effectively. They slow down the breaking of collagen, thereby improving skin elasticity.
  • Benefits to hair health: Figs can also help your hair become thick and healthy. The high amounts of vitamin C, K, and E boost hair health and prevent hair loss.

Some healthy preparation of fig

Should figs be eaten in the fruit form directly, in the dried form, or in different smoothies and drinks?

The answer is that this fruit is best eaten whole when fully ripe. In the dried form, the fig is high in calories and sugar. If you want, you can also use figs in the following tasty preparations.

Poached figs

To make a great fertility concoction, simmer some apple juice, mint leaves, 8 figs, and a dash of cinnamon for 15 minutes in a pan on medium flame. Once the figs are soft, remove them, and reduce the juice to make a syrupy texture. Use the syrup over your fruit salads and add the softened figs as well.

Avocado and fig salsa

Make a delicious sweet and tart salsa to benefit your sperm count and boost your fertility. Take some tomatoes, figs, avocados, and garlic in a bowl. Squeeze in some lemon juice, spices, and honey. Give it a good mix, and your fertility-boosting salsa is ready!

Fig juice

Dried fig juice is rich in vitamin b6. It is not only a fertility booster for men but also great for curing insomnia, treating bronchial infections, and certain skin infections.

Is there a shortcut to boost your sexual wellness?

While certain aphrodisiac fruits and herbal remedies are good for boosting your sexual wellness, the fact is that they take time.

If you want to cure your ED issues, low sperm count problems, low libido, or PE problems soon and do not want to fall to the mercy of chemical drugs, perhaps you can try some of our amazing and proven natural performance boosters.

These natural performance-boosting pills are made from natural herbal ingredients and have no harmful side effects. Male Extra, Max Performer, Virgrx Plus, and Viasil are some of our best booster pills.

These products are 100% side-effects-free and work like magic when taken regularly. Since they are made from plant products, you don’t need a prescription to procure them.


To conclude, fig has some beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that boost male infertility and help combat ED issues. One of the reasons for low fertility rates in men could be oxidative stress caused due to free radical generation in the body.

Figs are rich in antioxidants that kill these free radicals and ensure better sexual health in men. There are several other benefits of this fruit as well, including high in dietary fiber, beneficial for bones and heart, ensuring better gut health, and beneficial for skin and hair health.

One must include figs in their diet regularly to combat fertility issues in both men and women. This natural aphrodisiac fruit can be used in several culinary preparations.

If you want to cure your sexual problems instantly without using chemical drugs, you can try using natural erection boosters.

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