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Is It True That Masturbation Affects Your Eyes?

Does masturbation have an effect on the eyes? Is there any truth to this fact? Read the article below to check if your eyes are affected by masturbation.

Quick summary

  • Masturbation is a normal and healthy sexual act that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders, and it has many physical and mental health benefits.
  • Contrary to popular myths, masturbation does not affect eye health or cause any other health problems. Rather, it is a form of self-love and exploration that can enhance sexual pleasure and guide sexual partners.
  • Masturbation can be improved by using lubrication, sex toys, and enhancers, which can enhance the sexual experience and lead to a more fulfilling and enjoyable solo-sex life.

Masturbation is a sexual act or stimulation by touching your own genitals for sexual pleasure to reach the point of orgasm.

It is an act that is performed by people of almost all ages. Be it children, teenagers, or adults, people of every age indulge in this course, which is common. Also, it is frequently done by both the sexes.

Talking about the relation between masturbation and a person’s health, undoubtedly, it comes with many benefits related to physical and mental health.

Different people like to experience it differently. Some of you even have your own ways of exploring self-sexuality. Definitely, it is an amazing way to find out what works best for you and your bodies.

But the concern here is how much it affects your health, particularly your eye health because this is one of the most circulated myths about masturbation. So let us try to explore it in this article.

Does masturbation affect your eyes?

Knowing this much about masturbation, surely a question has arisen in many of your minds. The question would be – ‘Does masturbation affect your eyes’? The answer is No. A big No!

The source of this doubt in your mind can be easily known. At the time when you were young, older people or peers might have told you that indulging in self-pleasure might turn you blind. This lie was told to you to make you avoid getting involved in it.

However, this is not the case. Going blind by masturbating is one of the other popular myths that have been told to you. Masturbating or even over-masturbating does not lead to any problems related to the eyes.

In fact, seeking pleasure and eyes are not related to each other at all and have no connection anyway.

As already told you above, practicing self-pleasure is no harm to the eyes. When it is correctly done, it is proven to be more beneficial than harmful. It, in fact, has many benefits attached to it.

There can be other reasons that affect the eyes. One of the reasons is increased screen time. Most teenagers start being on their phones, scrolling their screens all the time.

And, teenage is the same age when self-sexuality is discovered. So, it may confuse people and make them believe that self-satisfaction can lead to eye disorders.

Eye issues can be experienced by other health factors or problems, but not by masturbation. Like other myths, this is a myth as well. So, keep exploring your own bodies and enjoying your space.

Other Myths

Self-pleasuring or self-satisfaction is another form of self-love. Yes, what you are hearing is called masturbation, and it still is a hush-hush topic.

Exploring your own bodies is an amazing way to find out what works with you sexually. By exploring what works well with you, you can also guide your sexual partner accordingly.

In spite of having these many benefits, there is a taboo attached to this topic, which has given birth to so many myths that are being carried away yet. Let us throw some light on some of these popular myths.

  • Masturbation is not a sexual expression; only penetration sex is.
  • It is a dirty act, and one shall feel guilty for getting involved in it.
  • Self-pleasuring is all about attaining orgasm and not exploring your own body.
  • Self-sexual pleasure would ruin relationships with your partners.
  • It can affect your kidneys.

How to improve masturbation?

Now, when you have read so much about masturbation above, you would have come to the terms that it does wonders to your mood and your body. Playing solo gives you another type of joy that takes you to another world.

Do you ask yourself what more you can do to enhance your self-sexual pleasure? If this is you, read the ways to improve your alone-time sexual experience.


Lube is not meant for sex only. They can be used during masturbation to make it easier and more pleasurable.

Sex Toys

There are a wide array of sex toys for men to complement their masturbation. It ranges from the simple stuff like a silicone masturbator, eggs, and even battery-operated male vibrators.


Everyone has a right to have a good sexual life, which can be hindered by shortcomings in lifestyle, diet, etc. Despite any flaws, enhancers such as VigrX Plus and Viasil can assure you an enhanced experience.


There are many people who do masturbate regularly. There are a few who might have tried it once. Then, some rare people have never masturbated.

The study shows that it is normal to seek self-pleasure all by yourself. Despite being normal, there still exist people who attach guilt to it.

It is all your choice whether you want to do it or not. But it is definitely a good way to explore what you like sexually. It can also help you guide your partner about what works best for you sexually.

Even if you decide to abstain from it, the reason should not be a myth, such as masturbation affecting your eyes. Because this is not true. Masturbation is a sexual act and has no link with the eyes at all.

Masturbation and eyes have nothing to do with each. In fact, during sex, you would release the same cocktail that you release while masturbating, but nobody got blind by having sex!

To sum up, masturbation has many benefits than harms. The only disadvantage associated is it coming in the way of your daily activities, relationships etc., and none else. So, happy exploring!

Written by Tom Knight
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