Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout review

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout is a training intensity enhancer for muscular power and lean muscle mass development.

Have you ever thought of asking your beefed-up pro gym mate about the secret for building muscles?

Well, the steroid is a possible answer, but it comes with a price that you’ll have spent on the hospital bill.

Apart from that, you are likely enlightened about hard work and diet, where the former is what you have been doing all this while.

The diet, in general, is an umbrella term for many things that would come under comestibles, of which the unpopular member pre-workout supplements1 are the latest trend.

When many people turn their head towards a particular product, the market will be flushed with it, of which the majority are knockoffs or fakes.

It hasn’t been a long since people started including the pre-workout supplement in their gym diet, but once the trend begins it’s like a wildfire.

We understood your pain of selection, that’s why we are shortlisting and bringing to you some of the effective, powerful and genuine supplements to be considered.

In this article we are discussing one of the market leaders in this segment, ‘Pre’ from Performance Lab.

In this Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout review we will uncover the top to the bottom regarding this supplement, to lend a helping hand in finding the right pre-workout supplement for you.

Performance Lab Sport Pre infographic

What is Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout?

performance lab pre workout pills

‘Pre’ from performance lab is a top pre-workout supplement used for improving strength and stamina for high-intensity training sessions.

Performance lab has two range of products, namely CORE and SPORT of which the former targets the general public and the latter one is for sports personnel.

Performance lab is owned by Opti Nutra Nutraceuticals based in London and has a brother concern called Mind Pro labs focused on improving your inner health.

The reputation of this brand name is very popular among the sports community and performance lab products often experience great demand in the market.

They have quite a long list of products on their arsenal, each of which is carefully crafted for your custom working styles.

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout is used before the workout session and has a lot of advantages compared to the market competitors.

Some of the features are:

  • Increases the nitric oxide (NO) levels in your body thereby helping with the widening of blood vessels.
  • Higher levels of NO allows proper oxygenation of muscle tissues thereby resulting in faster muscle growth.
  • More nutrients are reaching the muscles compared to a normal state.
  • Helps in buffering and hydration of those muscles that are mostly used during your training session.
  • ATP is hiked and made readily available to your muscles for faster contraction giving an outburst of energy.

How does Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout work?

How does Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout work

When you work out many of the bodily processes has to happen in perfect harmony in order to maintain the highest level of energy.

Pre works by the process of vasodilation, which is by far one of the most clinically studied and used phenomenon for improved nutrient transport prior to workouts.

There is a more stable version of L-Arginine in Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout, which is an important precursor in improving blood NO content which is the key to half of the processes.

Nitric oxide helps the vascular smooth muscles to relax, which results in the expansion of blood vessel circumference thus allowing more blood volume to be transported across the membrane.

This allows the skeletal muscles to be supplied with enough nutrients and oxygen which is an important step in any exercise to stay nourished.

Next is the action of creatine in providing ATP for an instant outburst of energy, which is energy currency that helps in muscle contraction.

If you have enough ATP during weight lifting or stretching, the muscle could push to its limits without exhausting too much.

Certain ingredients in the Pre has an anti-oxidant property that protects cells from free radical-induced degradation.

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How to use Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout?

how to use

The manufacturer recommends taking 4-6 capsules on training days at least 45-60 minutes prior to the workout.

One bottle of pre has 100 compact capsules loaded with manufacturer’s superior blend of ingredients.

The number of capsules shall be decided based on the level of physical exertion involved in your training process.

For instance, a bodybuilder shall take 5-6 capsules while a beginner weight trainee shall take 1 -2 capsules since the degree of physical exertion greatly varies among the two.

Similarly depending on your sports and the training process you can vary the number of capsules but make sure that you don’t take more than 6 capsules a day.

It is always recommended to consult your nutritionist or instructor to optimize the dosage before loading Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout.

Pills can be taken with 2 or 3 glasses of water in a go or have it in small intervals before a workout, but make sure that you give at least 30 minutes for the last loaded capsule to properly disseminate in your gut.

Is Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout safe?

Is Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout safe

Safety of any health supplement shall be subjected to three questions or analysis which will help us address the concern much better.

1. Is this supplement safe for consumption?

  • Yes, you can use Pre for a long term on a daily basis without the fear of any adverse effects.
  • All the ingredients are clinically been studied and long used in supplement manufacturing processes.
  • Plus the ingredients are 100% natural and plant derived, therefore, its vegan-friendly as well.
  • Manufactured in GMP facility, Pre is free from GMO’s, allergens, gluten, synthetic additives, and caffeine.

2. Am I being scammed?

  • No, Pre is from a reputed brand Performance lab owned by Opti Nutra Nutraceuticals.
  • There are hundreds of real client testimonials circulating on the internet for your solace.
  • The payment portal is 256 bit SSL protected.

3. Will I get promised results?

  • Definitely, if you have used it as recommended.
  • Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout blend is a straight shot to energy and stamina since there is not much of processing required once it is inside the body.
  • Since the ingredients like creatine are involved the onset of action can be seen with the first use itself.
  • More sustaining and prominent effects can be seen upon prolonged use.

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout ingredients


Again Pre is not overloaded with ingredients, rather uses compact and diverse compounds well known to nutraceuticals.

Also, the ingredients are from popular and top-grade suppliers like Ajinomoto, Creapure, etc.

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout contains:

Creatine (1000mg/ Creapure)
Constantly supplies ATP for energy outburst, stimulates IGF-1 growth factor and reduce lactic acid buildup.
L-Citrulline (500mg)
Helps in improving the L-Arginine levels and thereby NO activity in the blood which can cause vasodilation.
Cordyceps Super (750mg)
Protects mitochondria from free radical damage, at the same time enhances ATP production.
L-Glutamine (250mg/Ajinomoto)
Most abundant amino acid in the body, that helps in increasing blood bicarbonate level to prevent lactic acid buildup and also helps in improving immunity.
L-Carnosine (300mg)
Has anti-oxidant property as well as helps in degradation of advanced glycation end products [AGE] which leads to a lot of health issues.
Himalayan Pink Salt (350mg)
Unprocessed Himalayan pink salt has diverse mineral content in them and helps in improved bioabsorption of other ingredients.
Maritime Pine Bark Extract (100mg)
Helps in controlling the inflammation and stress caused by free radicals.

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout side effects

Performance Lab Sport Pre

One thing that you can be sure about Performance Lab Pre is its unparalleled quality and superior ingredients.

The manufactures follow strict international code of manufacturing practice and the production happens in a certified GMP facility.

Since Pre is devoid of synthetic chemicals, stimulants, and steroids, it is safe to call it a 100% side effects free supplement.

All the ingredients are herbal in nature and vegan-friendly as well; plus if your health conscious then this product is gluten, soy, caffeine, and allergens free making it one of the most compelling product in the pre-workout supplement genre.

All the ingredients are chosen based on scientific studies and clinical data thus eliminating any chances of adverse effects.

Some of the ingredients are commercially available nutraceuticals products thus reinforcing the brand value and product efficacy.

The manufacturer keeps a keen eye on customer feedback to discover any isolated side effect incidents and so far nothing has been reported as per the claims.

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Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout reviews

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout reviews

Customer satisfaction index is scale to measure the user satisfaction by evaluating the product on the context of value for money, delivery of results, the onset of action, the versatility of the product, and its efficacy.

The overall customer satisfaction index for Performance Lab Pre is 96% and is found to be the most referred pre-workout supplements.

Pre is one of the most discussed pre-workout samples in forums and review websites and is featured in many popular health websites as well.

Some of real-life reviews/ testimonials are added below to make your job easy.

Robin (35) is a school teacher and bodybuilding enthusiast and he says:

I have been a long time bodybuilder started when I was 16. Till the day I have seen the growth of the supplement market right from its pillar stone. I often recommend my colleagues and friends supplements from my own experience rather than trusting hyped internet ads. I came across this product from a digital magazine and thought of giving it a try.

Just with one bottle and 3 days of use, I could see why I should add a pre-workout supplement into my diet. Since then it’s been 9 months now and till the day I’m using Pre. I would also give thumbs up to their BCAA. Go for it without a doubt!

Dr. Xi Chau is a nutritionist at FitnessHub and his review is as follows:

Most of the trainees in FitnessHub are beginners. I never prescribe a pre-workout supplement for them since their body is very tender at the start and it takes months to mold it into correct fitness and till then a pre-workout supplement is not necessary.

Pre is one unique product that has adequate nutrient density and a large dosage bandwidth so that it can be used by both s beginner and an advanced bodybuilder changing the number of pills taken. I observed that administering lower doses [1-2 pills] of Pre made a significant change in the stamina of trainees with most of them earning a toned muscle within 2-3 months.

So, I would give this product a thumbs up and all trainees/ athletes must try this product for a positive muscle toning.

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout: price & where to buy it

performance lab sport pre workout official website

You should buy a Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout at official website:

How much does it cost?

One bottle (1x Pre – 100 capsules): $30.00
Two bottles (2x Pre – 200 capsules): $57.00 [save 5%]
Three bottles (3x Pre – 300 capsules): $81.00 [save 10%]


  • Accepts all major debit and credit cards.
  • PayPal.
  • Amazon Pay.

Return policy and money back guarantee

  • You can return the product within 7 days of purchase.
  • The manufacturer also offers risk-free money back guarantee for 60 days.


  • Shipped within the very next working day.
  • 1-2 day delivery in the US and UK.
  • Charges extra.

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout pros & cons


  • Plant-based product.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Faster onset of results.
  • Free from caffeine, gluten, soy and allergens.
  • 7 days return policy and 60 days money back guarantee.
  • Superior energy outburst.


  • Currently sold only through the official website.

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout review: conclusions

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout review: conclusions

Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout is an excellent pre-workout supplement that definitely delivers the result with the very first use and gets better over time.

If budget is your restraint but cannot compromise the quality and performance, then this is the right product for you.

All the ingredients are safe to use and deliver superior energy burst and instant stamina without using any stimulants.

You don’t need a prescription to buy this product and the user can easily vary the dose according to the level of physical exertion.

So, without a doubt, Pre is a must try product that can help you maintain the full energy potential during your training.

Try Performance Lab Sport Pre Today

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  1. Spradley, Brandon D., et al. “Ingesting a pre-workout supplement containing caffeine, B-vitamins, amino acids, creatine, and beta-alanine before exercise delays fatigue while improving reaction time and muscular endurance.” Nutrition & metabolism 9.1 (2012): 28.
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