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VaxAid Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

VaxAid is an effective and powerful way to fight the effects of Erectile Dysfunction and similar conditions. While VaxAid can’t change the underlying cause of intimate conditions, there’s a proven, scientific principle behind how it fights the effects of these conditions to restore your full sexual ability.

Penis pumps have been there for quite a long time, but people started realizing its potential until the advent of the internet.

People often find it a shame to consult a doctor regarding the penis health and keep it as a disguised agony and go behind online solutions and prescription-free medications.

This is the crucial part where your need is exploited by rapacious companies marketing dangerous steroids and knock-off supplements.

In the current era of technology, falling prey to these money extractors is nothing but stupidity.

You are always free to browse and find more about these products from forums, customers opinions, legit reviewing websites or even articles written by professionals in the field.

Erectile dysfunction (ED)1 is one of the most common sexual problem faced by many men upon hitting 40’s.

Sadly, studies point that with changing lifestyle the age is further getting pulled down to 35’s and 30’s.

Hydro pumps are water-based vacuum pumps that help people with ED to attain and sustain a normal erection to enjoy the intercourse.

In this article, we are meeting ‘Vaxaid,’ a state-of-the-art water-based penis pump.

This Vaxaid review will get you through all nook and corner of its science, design philosophy, usage, and customer feedback.

Without wasting a moment, lets jump right into the topic.

What exactly is VaxAid?

vaxaid pump

Vaxaid is one quick solution for erection problems without any medications or invasive procedures.

This water-based vacuum pump helps to induce and sustain erections in people suffering from erectile dysfunction2.

Manufactured by DX products based in the UK, this pump is one of the safest and effective solutions to combat erectile dysfunction in males.

Other than ED, the vacuum suction of this pump helps in treating other penis disorders like Peyronie’s disease and premature ejaculation.

Water-based penis pumps have gained a lot of popularity in past decade and continued to be one of the most preferred choices for overcoming ED.

Vaxaid penis pumps have reported reversing mild cases of ED upon continuous usage for a long time.

The success of any penis plump depends on the design features and in that context Vaxaid has some grip; thanks to the ergonomic polycarbonate cylinder and silicone gaiters, this is one of the successful product in this genre.

What are the main features of VaxAid penis pump?

vaxaid package

In men’s wellness products genre, penis pump segment is one of the most competitive because people hesitate to go to a doctor regarding their penis.

So in order to hold the market worth, the manufactures have to throw in a tooth and nail fight with other penis pumps manufactures.

Deeply into the game is Vaxaid with several features and benefits, that would for sure get the customers to think twice before googling for another penis pump.

Some of the best features of this penis pump are:

  • Induces and sustains an erection for males suffering from ED.
  • Helps to fix the Peyronie’s disease.
  • Vaxaid penis pumps can be used as an exercising tool which can reverse the ED upon long term use.
  • There are 3 models of Vaxaid pumps with various size attributes to fit all penis sizes.
  • There is a dedicated Peyronie’s pump with a wide mouth to accommodate the bent of the penis.
  • Endorsed by the popular urologist and Ed specialist Dr. Brada.
  • The design is carefully crafted after research studies.
  • 100% safe to be used for an intended purpose.
  • The construction is all made on superior polycarbonate plastic and silicone.
  • Comes with a hand pump choice on ‘deluxe’ and ‘Peyronie’s pump’ package.
  • Registered with NHS and FDA.
  • 91% of customers got a positive result.

How does VaxAid work?

how vaxaid works

Vaxaid works using vacuum suction principle, and this has been around for the past few decades.

The principle is simple when the outer vacuum pressure is higher than inner blood pressure by the laws of physics the air and fluid inside the blood vessels will push towards the walls.

Here the vacuum is created just on the penis walls; therefore, the effect is confined to the penis.

The outer vacuum will push the blood towards walls of the blood vessels inside and opens up the channel for enhanced blood flow.

This creates a ‘blood rush,’ which fills the erection sacs and gives you an erection.

In order to sustain the erection3, the blood leaving the penis sacs has to be regulated, which is delayed by a penis ring.

Water is filled in the chamber and inserted into the flaccid penis.

Either the hand pump has to be blown, or the chamber itself can be stroked up & down to create the vacuum inside.

As the pressure builds up, the equivalent amount of water is displaced from the chamber.

The user has to remove the pump and engage in sexual activity with a penis ring on before inserting the pump again for another erection.

The best part is that this is an exercising tool as well, which over time would improve the condition and reduce the dependence on the pump for a stronger erection.

What results can you expect?

Results can be seen immediately upon using the pump, and it would stay anywhere for 10 ~ 15 minutes depending on the severity of ED.

The most prominent result you will get is a stronger and solid erection that would stay for at least 10 minutes.

The quality of erection is very good and ensures your penis erects to its maximum potential.

People suffering from Peyronie’s disease has a bent on the penis, which would prevent those males from having a healthy sex life.

Vaxaid has a dedicated pump for those people, which would erect the penis artificially on a corrected posture gradually with the vacuum.

This exercise, when repeated daily, would correct the penis posture and strengthens the penis tissue which helps in controlling the premature ejaculation.

Also, the long-term users improve the quality of erection and might also increase penis size upon posture correction.

With improved blood flow, the time required for erection also reduces drastically, and the ED reverses over time.

Are these results permanent?

That’s a subjective question whose answer entirely depends on the way you use this product.

If you have perseverance and patience, then the result is 100% guaranteed.

Before purchasing this product, know the cause of the erection problem.

If it is caused by general health issues, lifestyle problems or old-age and severity is between low to moderate, then this pump is the best solution.

Else, if the erectile dysfunction is severe and caused due to permanent damage, then the results will be feeble.

The erection once attained will go away in 10 ~15 minutes, but upon continuous use for a long term, you will sustain the erection for 15+ minutes.

Initially, it takes a long time for erection to occur as the penis tissues needs get acquainted with the vacuum action, but over time you will be able to get quicker erection which after a point can even happen without the pump.

So yes, the results could be permanent if you use this product punctually for a long duration.

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Is VaxAid safe?

is vaxaid safe

Yes, Vaxaid pumps are one of the safest products out there in the market.

They come from one of the most popular manufacturing houses the ‘DX products’ and they have a long-time reputation in designing and manufacturing of men’s wellness products.

In the case of Vaxaid pumps, the design has been perfected over the years with their line of products in the similar segment.

So chances of injuries due to a design flaw shall be neglected in the case of DX products.

The construction is all made of high-quality plastic body with a skin-friendly silicone bellow gaiters and hand pump.

Since water is used to create a vacuum, it also acts as a natural lubricant thus eliminating chances of injuries and discomfort.

This product is endorsed by top-class urologists like Dr. Brada and is sometimes clinically prescribed for physiotherapy penis correction.

Also, this product is registered with the FDA & NHS and is sold in many countries as per the strict norms.

VaxAid reviews

vaxaid reviews

The overall customer satisfaction index for this pump is 91%, which means 91% of its customers are happy with this product.

Even in the online market places, Vaxaid pumps scores an average of 4.0 out 5, with generally positive reviews.

Some of the user reviews from the internet are catered below to give you an idea regarding this product.

Pierre H bought a ‘V30 Deluxe Vaxaid Pump’ and wrote in as:

I have used both this and the osbon erecaid and I prefer this one for comfort and the best5 results. The Osbon uses a trigger pump which expels the air from the cylinder, this is different and it use a pump action (like the shot gun) to create the vacuum. It is by far the most comfortable pump I have ever used. Ir is particularly effective when used with warm water too, the water replaces the air in the cylinder for even better results. I use a separate ring to secure after use. I am a long term warfarin user and this has impaired my ability to get and maintain an erection, and this is the best way I have found to overcome this ad get a viable erection. The results are much better than viagra or cialis as both are contra indicated for me.

Matt wrote on medexpress as:

It’s a fantastic product. Really easy to use and guaranteed results. Stronger erection when continuously pumped. Try the version with a handpump.

VaxAid: price & where to buy it

vaxaid official website

You should buy a product at official website:

How much does it cost?

Vaxaid Trainer : $149.99

Package contains:

  • Vaxaid trainer V7 pump [7 inches]
  • Valve pack
  • Jelqing sample serum
  • Manual
Vaxaid Deluxe: $324.99

Package contains:

  • Vaxaid Deluxe pump [V7, V5 & V9]
  • Handpump
  • Lubricant
  • Cleaning kit
  • Shower strap
  • Carry bag
  • Insert pad
  • Manual
Vaxaid Peyronie’s Pump: $334.99

Package contains:

  • Vaxaid Deluxe pump [V7]
  • Handpump
  • Lubricant
  • Cleaning kit
  • Shower strap
  • Carry bag
  • Insert pad
  • Manual


  • Free shipping worldwide (standard).
  • Express shipping also available.
  • Packing is done discreetly.
  • All client details are kept confidential.
  • Dedicated customer care support.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 60 days money-back guarantee on all Vaxaid products to uphold the customer privileges.

If the customer is not satisfied with the product, they can contact the customer care and return the product.

A refund will be made excluding the shipping charges incurred.

However, to avail the money back offer, you must make the purchase through official website.

VaxAid pros & cons


  • NO invasion and medications required.
  • Faster result within 15 minutes of use.
  • Permanent results upon long-use.
  • Can be used with or without water.
  • Made from skin safe materials.
  • Registered with FDA and HHS.
  • Helps in combating ED, Peyronie’s disease and premature ejaculation.


  • Slightly overpriced.

VaxAid review: conclusions

vaxaid review conclusions

Vaxaid penis pumps are a better choice and effective alternatives for legendary Bathmate Hydromax pumps.

Results are observed in just 15 minutes of use, and the long-term results can be achieved when used frequently.

Majority of Vaxaid customers are happy with this product, and it is, in fact, one of the most rated penis pumps in the UK region.

The design and vacuum suction are carefully tuned to juice the maximum benefit throughout the product use.

If you have a hefty pocket and need a quality penis pump with multifunctional uses, then Vaxaid is a perfect choice.


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