How to use penis pumps safely

A Basic Guide On: ‘How To Use A Penis Pump?’

Do know how to use a penis pump? If not, here is an elaborate guide that will walk you through the rudimentary of a penis pump. Happy reading.

Quick summary

  • Penis pumps are useful devices for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, and other penile issues, and they work by creating a vacuum suction to increase blood flow and temporarily induce an erection.
  • To use a penis pump safely, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, consult with a doctor about the severity of the condition, and ensure that the pump is the correct size and has the necessary safety features, such as a pressure gauge and safety valve.
  • When purchasing a penis pump, measure your penis size to find the right fit, consider the gaiter’s material and suction force, and research product reviews to ensure the pump’s effectiveness and safety.

Penis pumps are the modern-day savior for hundred thousand men across the globe suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).

These fancy-looking chambers in the first look might seem complicated but are one of the best utility devices in the men’s wellness segment.

In one side, you can use it as a physiotherapeutic device which can treat conditions like ED1, Peyronie’s disease2, curvature problems, weaker erections, etc.

On the other side, penis pumps are a very useful exercising tool that can strengthen the penis tissues and improves blood flow.

They are usually water-based; however, there are exceptions in a few models which works with only air while the majority of them can work on both air and water.

Penis pumps have to be engineered with precision to avoid any chances of injury during vigorous use.

For this reason, the design aspects, the material used, its fitting, working principle, etc. matters, and customers always look for a combination of both utility and superior quality.

This article is a walkthrough on using a penis pump, in order to alleviate the cloud of confusion blocking its utility from you.

So without stretching further, let’s get straight in the topic.

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How to use penis pumps safely

using penis pumps

Know it before you deal it!

Before you could start using the penis pump, one must try to understand the working principle of a penis pump, which will help you efficiently utilize the product3.

Penis pumps in general works using the principle of vacuum suction. It is simple physics which we might come across in our daily life, for instance, it is vacuum suction transporting a sweet juice pulp from the glass to your mouth.

Using this simple physics, engineers were able to design a device that could artificially create an erection for those suffering from erectile dysfunction.

A penis pump has an airtight plastic chamber, a bellow-like gaiter at one mouth, and a safety pressure valve at the opposite mouth.

The user will fill the chamber with water and carefully insert it on to the flaccid penis through gaiter mouth and seal it tight by pushing it towards the pubic bone.

Some model can even work without the need for water, but the science behind it is the same.

The silicone gaiter is designed to perfectly create an airtight seal, and upon pushing it towards the pubic bone, a small amount of water is displaced from the chamber through a safety pressure valve.

The bellow shape will retract its shape, and the stroking motion is continued till a strong vacuum pressure is created inside the chamber.

By this point, the water inside the chamber might have been completely displaced, which creates an area of low pressure inside the chamber, pushing blood towards the walls of vessels inside the penis.

This will open up the blood vessels, and more blood will rush into penis sacs, in order to compensate the pressure gradient, thus creating a temporary erection.

Some of the models come with a handball squeezer, which can eliminate the stroking motion and make things easier for the user.

Penis rings are worn sometimes to sustain the erection by delaying flow-back of blood from penis sacs.

Once done, turn on the pressure valve to fill air into the chamber, and it can be easily removed from the penis.

Safety is the number one priority

To make your penis pump experience fruitful and safe, always refer to the manual included in the package.

Like we have mentioned, the majority of the pumps works the same way, but the design philosophy might vary slightly, and there are things which we might consider trivial but could make a difference.

The user manual always demonstrates the safest and effective way of using their product and missing it for any reason is not advised.

Never use a pump when there is an injury in your penis, as the external force might escalate the gravity of the injury.

It will be a wise idea to properly estimate the severity of ED before start using any remedies.

For this purpose, get a consultation with your doctor and understand the cause of erectile dysfunction and treat it along with penis pump course.

Also, not everyone can use a penis pump due to a certain health condition, and some people should not use the penis pump at any cost.

Those with priapism are often asked to stay away from penis pumps, as vacuum mediated pumping will overstress the penis and cause permanent damage.

Never over pump – Why?

If you’re a beginner and using the pump for the first time, it is quite common to overdo the stuff thinking ‘more the better.’

Well, in case of penis pumps that ain’t right and overdoing pumping might lead to injuries.

For novices, try 5-6 pumping sessions in the first 2 weeks as a warm-up to get used to with the feel of vacuum suction.

Once you are comfortable, then you are good to increase the frequency, even once a day for a perfect penis exercise.

Always check your penis’s erection despite the feel you might get, because in some cases the erection might hit a stopping point and continuing suction will cause injury to the penis.

When over-pumped, there is a chance of blood vessel might rupture creating internal bleedings.

So always try to keep the maximum stroking time less than 15 minutes and give an ample break in between sessions for the penis tissue to recover.

Check your penis after the use for spots, skin discolorations, blisters, and pain. If in case something had gone wrong, consult your doctor.

But most of the pumps today comes with a pressure safety valve which can release excess vacuum pressure in an instant to avoid injuries.

Things you must do before purchasing a penis pump

buying penis pumps

Before you purchase a penis pump, make sure that you go through this checklist so that you won’t regret later.

  • Measure the length of your penis in its flaccid form and multiply it by a factor of 0.70 and add it to the actual measurement. This is how much your penis will expand once fully erected. This way, you can purchase the right sized pump.
  • Gaiter come in different bellow styles and colors. Since the circumference of majority of penises fit into a standard range, the gaiter diameter is often free size. It is material and suction force you have to check when purchasing a gaiter.
  • For a superior airtight seal, clean pubic hair so that the gaiters could create a perfect seal with pubic skin.
  • When purchasing a penis pump kit, a beginner should look for an entry-level pump. It might take some time to fully understand the pros and cons of a particular brand, and next time when you upgrade you will have an idea on exact accessories and add-ons that you might need.
  • Always browse through the internet and visit forums /genuine reviews to discover the real-life practicality and effectiveness of the product.

Tips & tricks to make your penis pump purchase worthy

  • Look for pumps with a pressure gauge, which is safer than the standard one.
  • If the body of the chamber is transparent, you’ll have more idea on level of erection and can easily spot injuries.
  • Some versions have a handball which will reduce the effort required to create suction.
  • A penis ring can be worn to delay the penis relaxation after an erection, which helps in sustaining the phallus.
  • Always use an ample amount of lubricant to avoid any external injury on the penis.
  • Always look for a good quality comfort pad made from silicone to avoid stress on the pubic bone.
  • A bath strap can be worn around the hip, which makes the penis load free from the weight of the pump.
  • Using the pump daily for a longer period can improve the erection by a significant margin.


Now you know what a penis pump is and how to use one.

This basic knowledge will give you an edge while browsing the internet for purchasing one.

If one knows the real science behind a product, it is very easy to spot the fake and genuine products from the internet.

There are numerous accessories available with different penis pumps, and it is always the user’s choice to pick them.

On an average, an entry-level pump would costs anywhere from $70 ~$100, with a standard model costing $250 and the premium one could go as high as $400 ~ $500.

Always take the help of your doctor to clinically assess the severity of ED, because a penis pump could only be an aid in the treatment but cannot completely cure the disease.


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