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Do Penis Pumps Cause Any Side Effects?

Do you have a weaker erection? Then penis pumps are a great exercising tool for boosting erection. But do penis pumps cause any side effects? Explore here.

Quick summary

  • Penis pumps are male enhancement devices used to treat erectile dysfunction by inducing artificial erections through vacuum suction.
  • Generally, penis pumps do not cause side effects, and any mild skin irritation experienced initially often fades as users become familiar with the device.
  • It’s crucial to purchase genuine and reputable penis pumps to avoid potential side effects; some trusted options include Bathmate HydroXtreme, Bathmate HydroMax, and Bathmate Hydro.

Male sexuality is one of the most marketed medical features ever since the dawn of human beings.

Earlier it was herbal products which claim to enhance sexuality, but with progress in science tablets, capsules, supplements, devices, implants, etc. made their way into the medicine cabinet.

As per the statistics, male enhancement is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the medical world, and the trend would continue irrespective of time.

Agencies like FDA, EMA, ISO, etc. try to make their policies stringent to bridle the inflow and assure quality & safety.

One concern, despite the efforts of these agencies, is the side-effects associated with these enhancement products that are getting flushed into the market.

Penis pumps are the center of attraction in the article because of their popularity, but do penis pumps cause any side effects?

Let us explore more about penis pumps in this article and try to answer this query.

So, without further ado, let us dive deeper.

What is a penis pump, and how does it work?

vacuum penis pumps

A penis pump is a male enhancement device with a therapeutic value that is used for inducing an artificial erection.

This device can be used to treat erectile dysfunction in men, and it is by far, one of the most effective remedies.

You insert a hollow cylinder onto your penis and make an airtight seal by pushing it towards the pubic bone.

The air inside the cylinder is pumped to create a vacuum, which draws blood into the penile shaft, thus inducing an artificial erection.

The user at this stage can remove the pump by neutralizing the vacuum with the help of a safety valve and engage in physical activity.

However, he has to use the pump again if the penis goes flaccid, but over time the ease with which erection occurs improves.

There are water-based hydro pumps, which use a cylinder filled with water to displace air, thus giving an excellent control over erection.

What can I expect while using a penis pump?

penis pump benefits

The vacuum induced erection at first feels a bit odd, but over time you would get used to with the feel of it.

This happens because the pace of erection is artificially controlled by a pneumatic pump, which might take a while to sync with the body’s erection metabolism.

If you over pump, the erection might feel a little tighter, and in some users, this creates a congested feel.

The vacuum erection is fun and enjoyable once you get familiarized with the device, and it is a refreshing activity to do.

The safety valve in most pumps is a one-way or two-way valve, which can be adjusted easily for precise control over vacuum pressure.

Therefore, you can instantaneously neutralize the vacuum just by turning a valve.

In the initial few uses, you might get minor skin abrasions, but the gaiters would feel more comfortable over time.

The device is straightforward and easy to operate. One can start using it without the need for an exclusive tutorial.

Do penis pumps cause any side effects?

penis pump side effects

No penis pumps don’t cause any side effects. There are no medicines required or no invasive procedure involved in penis pump usage.

Plus, the working is straightforward and doesn’t interfere with any of the bodily functions as well.

The erection induced by a penis pump would fade off just like a normal erection would do.

The vacuum suction is a safe mechanism that works using simple physics to draw blood into the penis.

All you might get is a mild skin irritation that goes away when you get familiarized with this apparatus. But there are models with comfort pads to avoid this problem.

If you use water-based penis pumps, then the natural lubrication provided by water would further make this more comfortable for you.

Skin allergies won’t occur because the device is constructed using medical grade materials to enable sales in countries like the US, UK, etc.

Also, you should try this device for an extended period because longer you use it, more beneficial & effective it becomes.

What are some of the trusted penis pumps in the market?

Below are some of the best penis pumps in the male enhancement segment.

1. Bathmate HydroXtreme

Bathmate HydroXtreme7

This is the high-end product in the Bathmate line-up and uses water-based vacuum suction to give stronger force.

This product comes in three size variants in general, i.e., 5, 7, and 9 inches and a unique 11-inch variant as well.

The handball squeezer in the model eliminates the need for manual pumping, thus reduces physical effort.

2. Bathmate HydroMax

Bathmate HydroMax7

HydroMax is the affordable mid-range penis pump that includes all the benefits of its big brother HydroXtreme except the handball.

The latest design features include an improved gaiter, which ensures a 35% more vacuum suction, thus giving you a faster erection.

Plus, all their products are clinically studied and verified by Aspen Clinical Research based on the US to deem it safe & effective.

3. Bathmate Hydro

Bathmate Hydro7

The best bet for beginners, Hydro from Bathmate is a budget penis pump that will give you an overall idea about water-based vacuum pumps.

The design is very similar to its brothers, and the feel is also the same, just a few premium features are missing in this.

This product is a great penis pump that can give you a full erection in under 15 minutes.


All your worries regarding side effects can be dismissed. Go on and purchase a penis pump to boost your erection.

Keep in mind that side effects are absent only on products like the one we have mentioned on our list.

Make sure that you purchase a genuine and reputed product. Penis pumps are easy to make, and for that reason, there are many knock-offs for famous brands.

Take the help of your physician or check some genuine reviewing websites, and don’t forget to read customer opinions regarding the products.

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Written by Lukas Weier

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