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Do Penis Pumps Make Your Penis Size Bigger?

A penis pump is the best penis enhancement option in the market, but do penis pumps make your penis size bigger? Explore more about it here.

Quick summary

  • Penis pumps have been around since the early 20th century, with the first prototype developed by Dr. John King in 1874 and underwent modifications since 1917.
  • A penis pump uses vacuum pressure to artificially induce an erection and is mainly used by patients with mild to moderate ED. It is different from a penis extender as the latter is used to increase penis size.
  • While some studies suggest that penis pumps can lead to small size increments, they are not as effective as penis extenders. It might take a few months to notice any changes and the size increment is limited to a certain point.

Penis pumps took the market by a storm in the early 21st century, and till the date, they are one of the most trusted and preferred means of addressing erectile dysfunction (ED).

This technology actually came in the early 20th century, and the first prototype was developed by Dr. John King in 1874.

There has been a major revamp in the design by Dr. Otto Lederer in 1917, and since then, vacuum pumps underwent lots of modifications.

Today’s design with a plastic cylinder and bellow like gaiter was derived in the late ’70s, and it was not until 1982 that FDA approved this product for therapeutic application.

Even though the history of penis pumps looks fascinating, there is this curious question in the minds of readers.

Do penis pumps make your penis size bigger? Well, the answer needs a bit of an explanation.

Without pouring in more words, let us explore the answer.

What exactly is a penis pump?

hydromax pumps

A penis pump sometimes called a vacuum erectile device (VED) or simply a vacuum pump, is a contraption worn over the penis to artificially induce an erection.

This device uses the vacuum pressure to draw blood into the penile tissue, which gives an erection.

It is mainly used by patients suffering from mild ~ moderate ED and is recognized as a simple device to fix erectile problems without any surgical intervention.

The device consists of a plastic cylinder (transparent sometimes) and a bellow shaper gaiter with a one-way valve (sometimes 2 way a valve) on the other end.

The user insert the penis into the chamber and pumped the air/water out, which displaces the fluid inside to create a vacuum.

With low air pressure inside the cylinder, the blood would force open the constricted penile arteries and fills the penis sacs, thus resulting in an artificial erection.

The penile veins are smaller and would remain closed during the process aided by sexual metabolism, thereby sustaining the erection.

How is a penis pump different from a penis extender?

A penis pump is a device that is used to create an artificial erection, on the other hand, a penis extender is a contraption used to increase the penis size.

The penis pump can sometimes help in penis size increment; however, it wouldn’t be as effective as a penis extender.

The working principle is also entirely different for both sets of devices.

In a pump, it is the vacuum suction that helps in creating an erection, while an extender employs traction induced microtears to increase penis size.

Thus, a vacuum pump can be useful for those who need a helping hand with erection and an extender for those looking to increase penis size for satisfying sex.

However, both devices are FDA approved and clinically used for the intended application.

Plus, both are non-invasive, drug-free, and painless choice for penis performance enhancement.

Do penis pumps make your penis size bigger?

penis enlargement

Well, that is a bit of a conundrum. Some studies show the size incrementing properties of a vacuum pump is real.

However, it cannot be used as a mainstream penis size enlarger because the size gain achieved is comparably negligible to that of a penis extender.

To the best, it can help in gaining a few centimeters, while an extender can help you get a 3-inches of size difference at its best.

When a penis pump is pumped at its full potential, there are chances of small microtears because of the tissue expansion caused by enhanced erection.

When these microtears heal, small amounts of extra cell mass are added to the total length.

You have to use the penis pump for a really long time to notice this addition, say at least for a year.

Plus, the size incrementing ability of a penis pump is limited to a certain point, above which there is no scope for this device to increase your penile length.

What are some of the best penis pumps in the market?

This is our list of best penis pumps that will give you some impressive results.

1. Bathmate HydroXtreme Series

Bathmate HydroXtreme7

Bathmate is the market leader in this segment and the first to introduce a water-based penis pump to those tired of an ordinary penis pump.

HydroXtreme is their high-end product available in three size specifications (5,7, & 9 inches) and a unique 11-inch pump.

Fill water into the cylinder, wear the device, and pump the water out using their handball, which eliminates the need for manual stroking.

2. Bathmate HydroMax Series

Bathmate HydroMax7

A mid-range water-based penis pump with an affordable price tag and this product is all about improved design and performance from their predecessors.

The new ergonomic design of the gaiter gives 35% more suction power, which ensures a stronger vacuum for improved performance.

Sold to over 1 million customers, and according to a survey, about 92% of buyers are highly satisfied with this product.

3. Bathmate Hydro Series

Bathmate Hydro7

An entry-level hydro pump for those newbies out there, this product is a perfect way of getting familiarized with the penis pumps in general.

Hydro series pumps will give you an excellent idea about the amount of vacuum needed, the feel of suction, and how to maintain an artificial erection.

This product has a whole bunch of compatible accessories like a comfort pad, strap-on belt, cleaning kit, etc. to give you a pleasant experience.


There you go, so a penis pump can give you small size increments, but not like that of an extender.

You can consider this product as an erection helper, with a perk (size increment).

At its best, the penis pump can give length increment of a few centimeters, but the girth wise addition also occurs.

Note that it might take a few months for the penis pump to achieve the size change since the primary purpose is to improve the erection, not size.

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Written by Lukas Weier

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