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Debunking Common Myths About Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are very popular and do does the facts vs. myth war as well. Check out this article to learn the truth about penis pumps. Happy reading.

Quick summary

  • A penis pump is a vacuum device that creates a pressure gradient to artificially induce an erection for those suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). It is a scientifically proven and endorsed treatment method.
  • Penis pumps do not permanently increase penis size, but they can improve erections, giving the appearance of a larger penis temporarily. They should be used as a physiotherapeutic device or an exercise tool alongside other treatments.
  • Not all penis pumps are scams, but there are fake products on the market. It’s important to purchase genuine penis pumps from reputable brands to ensure safety and effectiveness. Age does not matter when using a penis pump, and it can be used by individuals with or without ED.

For a man, an erect penis is all about venting out the inner vigor, which is a result of hormonal juggling.

It’s a fact that for happy sex life, penis health really matters and putting a barricade to this happiness is erectile dysfunction (ED)1.

If you google for remedies, hundreds of solutions pop in front of you, but the fact is that only a few of them would actually yield any result.

But the nature of these diseases, its social outlook, and the importance of fixing this disorder created an unfathomable market for predator companies to exploit the helplessness of patients.

Best penis pumps are one of the most acclaimed devices for treating ED without the need for a doctor or expensive medicines.

This thing works using pure physics and ease of materializing the idea gave a huge opportunity for many wellness brands to turn attention towards penis pumps.

Along with the market growth does grow the facts and lies regarding penis pumps.

In this article, we will take a look into facts and myths regarding penis pumps, so that you will get a pragmatic and unbiased overview regarding this device.

So let’s dive in.

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What does a penis pump do?

how penis pumps works

A penis pump is a vacuum device that creates a pressure gradient to artificially to induce an erection2.

People suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) fail to produce a healthy erection or no erection at all.

A penis pump is worn over the penis, and the air inside is pumped out to create a vacuum inside the chamber of the penis pump.

The pressure gradient works from inside out of the penis, and this will push the fluids inside blood vessels towards the exterior, thus widening the vessels.

More blood flows to the penis region compensate for the pressure difference, and this will create a blood rush into penis tissue, creating a temporary erection.

However, this erection won’t sustain longer and to prevent that a penis ring is worn sometimes, which will delay the blood flow back into system.

Nowadays, majority of the pumps are water-based, where filling water inside the penis chamber works much better than with simply air and also the user gets more control over the erection compared to air-based pumps.

Penis pump and injury

Penis will be the last place in a man’s body where he doesn’t want to get injured for whatsoever reasons.

Firstly, its moral burden for a guy to go the hospital with an injured penis because of a ‘gadget went wrong’ scenario and secondly, it is one organ in your body that has dual purposes and missing any of it is a big deal.

The common myth is that: ‘penis pumps can cause injury internally and create scars on the tissue leading to posture problems.’; however, the fact is slightly true but mostly a lie.

The penis pump technology is not a century old unbreakable mystery and with modern-day designing & testing manufactures, and scientists could precisely study the effects of a pump on the penis.

In none of the study, it has been shown that using a penis pump as instructed would cause any sort of injury.

But most importantly, if one chose to deviate from standard procedure, then there is the problem.

Majority of the penis pump-related injuries are because of the wrong usage, over pumping and modification in standard working.

If over-pumped, a penis pump might cause blood vessel rupture, but using them for a period of 10 -15 minutes as instructed by manufacturers is perfectly safe and does not create any posture problems.

Can a penis pumps increase the penis size?

penis pumps increase penis size

The myth says that the penis pump is a one-stop solution for all your penis problems, but the fact begs to differ.

The fancy-looking statement above might be a promotional hoax by manufacturers to attract more customers into their product ecosystem.

In fact, penis pumps are meant for one function, and that is to create an artificial erection, which it does perfectly!

However, the erections might give an impression of a bigger penis than that of normal erect one, which in fact might be contributed by the artificial expansion of the penis using an external force.

The sad part is that the apparent growth will dwindle once the blood flow goes back to the normal state and in reality, your flaccid penis does not grow when used a penis pump.

People suffering from ED will often fail to get an erection to their full capacity, and upon using a penis pump, a visible change in size will occur, but for a short duration.

But the good news is that, if you tend to use the pump an exercising tool for a long period, then your erection will significantly improve, giving a bigger appearance.

A penis pump is all you need to combat ED!

Erectile Dysfunction

Not really. ED is a chronic penis disorder which can happen due to a number of reasons or faulty mechanisms inside our body.

What a pump does is to channel the blood flow into a penis to aid the erection in those males whose native erection mechanism is not working properly.

A penis pump shall be called a physiotherapeutic device, or an exercising tool that can significantly support the treatment of ED along with other approaches.

In actual treatment, a doctor might suggest a penis pump to prep the penis tissue for a good expansion, at the same time administer medicines to repair internal system that controls erection.

In some cases, people with conditions like priapism are prevented from using a penis pump which can worsen the condition.

In the case of ED, one might require an external aid as a part of treatment, and that is what a penis pump does.

Low testosterone, pituitary problem, psychological reasons, faulty brain signaling, etc. could lead ED, but a penis pump is definitely used in the course of treatment along with other options.

They are all a scam

This is one myth that is partially true, but the word partially should be stressed here because the penis pumps are genuine, scientifically proven, and endorsed by medical experts & doctors.

The scam lies on the internet, and it feeds on the helplessness of people suffering from ED.

Penis pumps are clean science and works without an issue; also, there are many reputed brands in the field marketing various kinds of penis pumps as well.

Some fake companies would export Chinese made penis pumps and try selling under popular brands names to encash the opportunity.

The problem with these pumps is that they are made from cheap quality plastic and unsafe rubber gaiters, which might create allergic reactions.

Also, the design flaw might create unsafe vacuum pressure inside the chamber, and it won’t do any good for the user.

Once people start to try these bogus knock-offs and fail, the shame would extend to those genuine products as well.

So always purchase reputed, popular and genuine penis pumps from the official brand website to enjoy the real action.

Age matters

Not true. You are always free to try a penis pump, and it doesn’t matter whether you are walking with a stick or stepped into your adulthood.

Usually, older people are more prone to ED because of general weakness to penis tissue and dwindling testosterone.

But some people in their old age would carry enough firepower for a session and for those people, a penis pump is a great exercising tool.

And it is not necessary that you should use the pump only if you have ED, everyone can use it to improve the erection.

However, penis pumps aren’t the solution for those who are looking to boost their libido and sexual vigor, since those are results of hormonal phenomenons.


penis pumps

It is easy to fall prey to a bogus claim or news regarding healthcare product, and it is no one’s mistake, but the market nature.

When you stumble upon a product, the first and foremost thing is to check its official website and learn the good part.

Now go to forums, consumer websites, reviewers’ blogs, or e-commerce sites to understand the reality regarding the product.

A bit of background reading will always help you differentiate between facts and lies, thus giving you more grip on purchases.

A penis pump sometimes is projected as a heavenly solution for all penis problems, but upon learning what it is good at you should polish your expectations.

Unwanted fear about penis pumps shall be kept aside and stick with doctors recommendation or user manual to enjoy the power of the vacuum.

In a nutshell, penis pumps can give you a strong erection, which you can sustain for a longer duration with a penis ring, and it is, a safe and effective choice to treat ED.


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