Penomet Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

Penomet is a penis pump that helps men extend the size of their penis, get stronger erections and can also help people who have problems with erectile dysfunction.

Penis size and erection quality1 are two factors that directly determine your sexual confidence.

Though the former can be relaxed a little bit, the later has to be excellent in order to please yourself or having a good bedroom moment.

People with Erectile Dysfunction (ED)2 are major suffers struggling with poor erection quality.

Stress, quality of life, food, ambiance, and many other factors indirectly influence the erection quality.

Since the science had progressed so much, some brilliant brains came up with a groundbreaking idea to boost your erection using a ‘hand pump’.

Yeah, you heard it right, a hand pump that’ll help you attain a strong erection to fulfill the sexual duties.

Here we are introducing you to ‘Penomet’, a solace for millions suffering from ED and small penis size.

In this Penomet review, we shall go from head to toe regarding the product, its use, its efficiency, user comments, shipping, etc.

What exactly is Penomet?

What is Penomet

Penomet is a scientifically proven hand stroke penis pump that helps to combat the growing erectile problem3.

You may wonder do penis extenders work well. A penis pump like Penomet works by creating a vacuum to draw blood into the penis thereby creating an artificial erection.

Penomet at the same time can use as a penis workout tool as well, which when used as recommended by the manufacturer will result in penis size increment.

This product is engineered, manufactured and marketed by leading Arctic Sea Limited, based in Iceland.

Hundred thousand of customers are using this product in order to produce a strong erection artificially simply exploiting the law of physics.

Penomet is backed by years of research studies and thousands of customer feedback which helped them perfect the design in the past few years.

Penomet today is one of the best penis pumps in the global market and one of the most recommended product by many medical professionals in the therapeutic phase of ED.

What are the main features of Penomet?

Penomet is an engineered beauty with a lot of attention to detail in each and every aspect of the product.

The product over the years had climbed up the stairs to compete with other segment leaders, thanks to their earful heeding to customer needs resulting in a fine product that 100% serves the purpose.

Some of the unparalleled features of this product include:

  • Effective in increasing the penis girth and size upon continuous use.
  • Quick action helping you achieve erection within 15 minutes of usage.
  • Can be used with or without water in the chamber.
  • Since water is employed need for lube is minimized.
  • Penomet helps you decrease the chances of premature ejaculation.
  • Studies show that using Penomet can revere the Peyronie’s disease.
  • Over time erection gets stronger and helps you increase sexual stamina.
  • Penomet can be used anywhere like a bedroom, shower, in the bathtub, etc.
  • Construction is made of high-quality polycarbonate (PC).
  • Amazing ergonomics ensuring a snug fit into your penile region.
  • The 360o valve helps you finely adjust the pressure inside the chamber.
  • Has two certifications: CE Marking and SGS certification.
  • Venus award winner for the best product in 2013 & 2014 along with sign magazine award for best male enhancement device 2013.

How does Penomet work?

How does Penomet work

Penomet works using the principle of vacuum creation thereby forcing the blood to rush into penis tissue.

Medically speaking it’s the inability of the metabolic stimuli to initiate an erection which can be the problem with hormones, nerves, muscles, brain signaling, etc.

However, upon creating an artificial erection the person can enjoy sex like he normally does.

Penomet has a chamber or cylinder which is often filled with water and inserted into the penis.

The mouth of the cylinder has varying size gaiters which can expand and contract according to movement and penis growth.

Gaiters are made from high-grade rubber and create an airtight seal to ensure building up of vacuum pressure.

The pumping or stroking action results in the ejection of water through the 360o valve at the tip.

Rest the pumping action for a while and redo this action for up to 15 minutes and you can erect penis.

When a vacuum pressure builds up inside the chamber, blood vessels inside the penis tissue expands and as result blood will rush against the gradient thus giving an artificial erection.

Release water through valve to loosen up the chamber in order to remove the Penomet.

What results can you expect?


Penomet is designed specifically for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

However, the erection is a good exercise in order to increase the girth and length of the penis.

The immediate result upon using Penomet is a rock hard steel erection which can help you get through the intercourse without any fuss.

In the website they have suggested a workout schedule for penis, with which you can improve the quality of erection alongside the size of the penis.

One psychological effect using penis pumps comes with boosting your confidence, which in fact is the most crucial factor needed for success in bed.

With successful intercourses, you would feel more positive and it enhances your erection quality which when combined with Penomet exercise is a good physiotherapeutic approach in fixing your ED problem.

Also, exercise using Penomet helps the penis tissue to gather enough strength over time thereby reducing chances of premature ejaculation.

Any injury to the penis results in fibrous scars leading to Peyronie’s disease characterized by painful erection.

With Penomet, you can ensure even and proper blood into penis tissue thereby reversing the effect.

Are these results permanent?

penis pump

Results can stay permanent if you do as recommended by the manufacturer.

Penomet is an excellent penis pump that’ll help you achieve a great erection for the time being, but once the penis goes flaccid you again might need the pump.

However, the good part is that upon continuous usage for an extended period of time the erection might sustain longer plus you can reduce the impotence.

Penomet has a wide range of gaiters and they have a workout schedule for penis, if you use it for around 10 weeks you’ll see some effect that will stay permanent.

Studies have shown that Penomet can increase the size of the penis by up to 1.5 ~ 2 inches which in fact is a result of long term usage and those results are permanent.

There are many testimonials and user reviews claiming the reversal of ED in several patients which is technically possible with a penis pump.

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Is Penomet safe?


Yes, penis pumps are 100% safe and recommended by the medical community for :

  • Improving the quality of erection.
  • Combating ED.
  • For increasing girth and penis size.
  • For good blood circulation into penis tissue.

There are various clinical studies supporting the fact that penis pumps are the best choice for addressing mild to moderate ED, and some studies even show the reversal of ED in various patients.

Apart from that the design the construction of Penomet is of the highest order of ergonomics thus ensuring a snug fit and perfect results for penis with 4 ~ 8 inches of size using the standard chamber.

There is a 360o valve at the tip which is a dual safety valve cum pressure regulating valve which will help you maintain the ample amount of vacuum inside the cylinder.

Penomet has won several awards in the best product segment and has been featured in many websites, magazine and e-commerce sites.

Till the day none of the users have reported any side effects or injuries due to use of Penomet.

There might slight discomfort in the beginning which overtime go away as you get used to with the product.

Penomet reviews

Penomet reviews

Penomet is very popular in the penis pump genre and has been featured in many out handles.

General user rating is positive for Penomet and below we have included some of real-life reviews and comments from users.

Joshua wrote on ahcaf:

Everything in this package – pump and accessories – is made of top-notch quality. The gaiters. The actual pump. The top head nob to release the water. When I use it, I feel very strong suction even with medium gaiters. I follow the routine though to keep it changing. My size increased by half an inch, and I only used this pump 3 times. Although I have not experienced other products, I highly recommend this purchase.

Danny added on menlify as:

If you’re a first time user, you may kinda feel the fear about using. But, as long as you stay within limits recommended for beginners, it’s fine. You better start at the lowest pressure. It’s OK to see no results at all than over pumping it that can lead to pain and discomfort at the end of the day. I’ve done it and still using penis pump these days and I’ve never experienced any bruising or swelling or edema-type discomforts. I do it slowly.

Greg added his comment on as:

Penomet is the only pump I use for permanent penis enlargement, I started my measurements in 1 week of using this pump. It’s comfortable to use it 40-60 mins a day, you can control the pressure and it does not harm at all.

Penomet : price & where to buy it

Penomet Official Website

You should buy a product at official website:

Penomet comes in three purchase choices.

How much do they cost?

Penomet Premium: $297 (save 35% from the original price of $457).

  • Has 5 gaiters with varying degree of suction.
  • Shower strap.
  • Digital exercise guidebook included.
  • 3 years warranty.

Penomet Extra: $197 (save 31% from the original price of $288).

  • Comes with 3 gaiters.
  • Digital exercise guidebook included.
  • 3 years warranty.

Penomet Standard: $127 (save 24% from the original price of $169).

  • Comes with 70 force gaiter.
  • Digital exercise guidebook included.
  • 3 years warranty.

More info

  • Additional shipping and handling fee included with total billing.
  • All packaging is done in discreet boxes.
  • No visible branding or labeling is mentioned on the package.
  • Though in the billing website address will be mentioned due to new regulations.

Penomet money back guarantee

Yes, there is a 60 days money back guarantee offered with Penomet.

You can claim for a free replacement within 14 days of purchase if the product is damaged during to shipping or manufacturing line.

However, accessories and other add-ons are excluded from the money back policy.

All products have 3 years of company warranty and Penomet has got one of the best customer care in this segment.

Penomet pros & cons


  • Result within 15 minutes of usage.
  • Permanent and long-lasting results in 10 weeks of exercise.
  • Can be used by the general public (male) to increase the penis size and girth.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • Clinically proven and safe for use.
  • Recommended by the medical community.
  • 60 days money back policy is there.
  • Discreet shipping.


  • Cost is a bit on the heavier side.
  • Though popular it is unavailable across leading e-commerce platforms.

Penomet review: conclusions

Undoubtedly this is one of a strong competitor in the segment and has got a strong fan base.

This product has been around for a while and till the day the majority of users have reported satisfactory results with this product.

If you prefer exploiting full potential then you must try their premium package that comes with 5 gaiters with varying degree of force.

Permanent results can be achieved by using this product for an extended period of time.


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