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Blue Balls: Will It Affect Your Sex Life?

Suffering from an erection without an orgasm? Here is what you should know about blue balls and how they may affect your sex life. Happy reading.

Quick summary

  • Blue balls are not a serious medical condition, but rather a temporary condition called epididymal hypertension that occurs when a person has an erection that lasts for a prolonged period without achieving orgasm.
  • The best way to treat blue balls is to engage in sex, masturbate, or try relaxation techniques such as a warm bath or urination.
  • Natural erection booster supplements such as Male Extra, Max Performer, VigRX Plus, and Viasil are effective in promoting strong erections without leading to blue balls or health complications associated with chemical drugs.

Blue balls are not your balls literally turning blue in color, but a medical condition known as epididymal hypertension (EH). A person suffering from EH can have an erection that lasts for an extended period without an orgasm.

It does cause pain and discomfort but is not usually serious. A bluish or purplish hue on the testicles may be a sign of a more serious issue, testicular torsion, but blue balls in itself are not a serious medical condition.

So, if you get blue balls and wonder if it will affect your sex life, read on further to solve your dilemma.

Why do blue balls occur?

An erection occurs when a male is sexually aroused. Blood vessels in the penile region relax to allow more blood flow into the penis to make it hard and expand. The increased blood flow to the penis makes it erect.

This blood is released as soon as the male ejaculates or achieves orgasm. But in some cases, too much blood remains in the penile region when the person is aroused for a prolonged period without reaching a climax.

This extended arousal and erection are called blue balls and may cause discomfort and pain; however, it won’t affect your ability to engage in sex in most cases.

The simplest remedy to treat blue balls is to achieve an orgasm and ejaculate by masturbating or having sex.

Another way to reduce arousal is to have a warm bath, distract yourself, urinate or exercise. However, you might have to see a doctor if you experience pain and prolonged erections regularly.

Will blue balls affect your sex life?

Blue balls is not a serious condition, and it usually subsides as soon as you achieve an orgasm.

It will not affect your sex life at all; if you are experiencing it, the best way to get relief from blue balls is to engage in a joyful act of sex with your partner.

If your partner is unavailable, you can relieve your orgasm by masturbating or distracting yourself.

The erection will soon subside. It is recommended not to let your erection prolong for extended durations as it might lead to Blue Balls.

How to ensure you get strong erections without leading to blue balls?

Many people resort to chemical drugs to get strong erections. These chemical drugs often lead to health complications; blue balls is one among them.

If you want strong erections but do not want to fall into the trap of penile devices or chemical drugs, you can try natural erection booster supplements.

These supplements will ensure you strong erections naturally without any side effects which

These are potent natural supplements containing ingredients that supplement the correct working of the body. These 100% organic and natural products are manufactured in a cGMP(certified Good Manufacturing Practice) facility.

All the products are scientifically studied and clinically tested, with the findings reported in reputed scientific journals.

Some of our supplements are FDA-cleared as well, and they are made by trained professionals using 100% natural nutrients and do not contain any steroids.

Some of the best erection-friendly supplements for blue balls are elaborated below.

Here is a brief description of these supplements:

Male Extra

Male Extra

This male enhancement pill is made with natural ingredients that can increase the hardness, size, and sustainability of your erection by increasing blood flow to the penis. Male Extra is an organic supplement to boost sexual libido. This supplement boosts your sexual performance by tweaking ancillary factors like stamina, improved libido, and erection time.

Max Performer

Max Performer

Max Performer is a male enhancement supplement that has been formulated from natural ingredients that can help increase your libido and stamina. These supplements can increase the blood flow to your penis, improve your sex drive, and boost your sexual performance. These pills work like magic for all men experiencing ED, premature ejaculation, low libido, small-sized penis or poor sexual performance.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is a male enhancement supplement formulated with 10 potent natural erection precursors, libido enhancers, and aphrodisiacs that instantly improve your sexual performance. This powerful formula is safe and risk-free. It is better than taking steroids, which lead to side effects. VigRX Plus focuses on improving your hormonal metabolism balance and provides an adequate supply of vital nutrients for a good sexual output.



Viasil is a herbal supplement that is better than taking steroids like Viagra for enhancing your sexual activity. This pre-sex performance-enhancing pill can be taken prior to sexual activity to sustain your erections, improve your libido and boost your sexual performance. They supplement the deficient nutrients required in male sexual metabolism and increase testosterone production, which helps sustain harder erections.


To conclude, blue balls will not affect your sex life. It is a condition where your penis gets erect for a prolonged duration without achieving orgasm or reduction in arousal.

The best way to treat this condition is to have sex or masturbate immediately to ejaculate. One can also take a warm bath, urinate or distract oneself from releasing the erection.

You can always use nutraceutical supplements to boost your sex health which is an excellent remedy for blue balls.

To ensure you get naturally hard erections, you can try our natural erection booster supplements.

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