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What Will Happen To Your Sex Life When You Quit Smoking?

Are you addicted to smoking and facing low libido and erectile dysfunction issues? Learn how smoking can adversely affect your sex life.

Quick summary

  • Smoking can have a negative impact on sexual health, causing issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low sex drive. Quitting smoking can improve sexual health by increasing libido, improving circulation, and increasing stamina.
  • Smoking can reduce fertility in both men and women, and can increase the risk of contracting certain sexual diseases. It can also complicate relationships and cause harm to family members through passive smoking.
  • Tips for quitting smoking include nicotine replacement therapy, avoiding triggers, delaying cravings, indulging in physical activity, and trying relaxation techniques. Natural performance booster pills made from organic ingredients can also aid in quitting smoking and improving sexual health.

Smoking and sex are, unfortunately indirectly proportional! If a single puff of nicotine gives you a delightful kick in the mind, remember that it punches your libido real hard. People addicted to smoking often face problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low sex drive.

While it’s common knowledge that smoking increases your risk of cancer and heart disease, not many know how smoking can make it difficult to get/sustain an erection or impact semen health.

According to a study, men who smoked more than 20 cigarettes per day had a 60% higher risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) compared to non-smokers.

Smoking significantly reduces sexual desire and satisfaction for men even if they are in their 20s or 30s. Around 15% of the past and present smokers have experienced erectile dysfunction problems. ED improves slowly as one quits smoking.

It is always a good idea to quit smoking altogether if you want to enjoy healthy sex life and better overall health. Read on further to understand how nicotine impacts your penile erections, semen health, and libido.

How does smoking affect your sex life?

Smoking makes it difficult to get an erection and causes infertility and impotence. Here are a few ways in which smoking affects your sexual health:

Smoking adversely affects your sex drive and performance

Smoking even one cigarette a day can cause erectile problems. To get sexually aroused, good blood circulation is necessary. A cigarette has many chemicals that hinder the blood flow in the reproductive organs, causing erectile dysfunction issues. Circulation problems are the main reasons for ED and cardiovascular illnesses as well.

Smoking leads to premature ejaculation and loss of libido

Smoking impacts testosterone levels in both men and women. It increases carbon monoxide levels in the blood that inhibit the production of testosterone. Low testosterone levels bring down the libido or the desire to have sex. Furthermore, the average ejaculation time of a smoker is quite less compared to that of a non-smoker, causing sexual dissatisfaction in the partner.

Smoking impacts fertility

Not only does smoking cause ED or low sex drive, but it also reduces fertility in both men and women. Women may find it tough to conceive, while men may find it hard to get their women pregnant. Men who smoke have a low sperm count, reduced sperm motility, and overall poor semen quality.

Smoking increases the risk of contracting certain sexual diseases

Certain sexual diseases like Peyronie’s disease – an abnormality of the penis, can be aggravated by nicotine. The sexually transmitted human papillomavirus type 161 is contracted easily in smokers as compared to non-smokers.

Smoking can wreak havoc on your sexual health. Although sexual health is not related to life expectancy, smoking impacts the latter too. It also complicates your relationships. As a smoker, you might be causing great harm to your family members owing to passive smoking as well.

How can quitting smoking improve your sex life?

Quitting smoking can bring much more excitement into the bedroom and lead to happier and more content relationships. Here is how quitting can improve your sex life:

Increased libido

People addicted to smoking feel that it relieves stress. But, research shows that nicotine increases anxiety and stress in an individual. Increased stress also impacts sex life and causes low sex drive.

Smoking reduces the levels of estrogen and testosterone, the main hormones required to boost libido in men and women.

Quitting smoking can reduce stress and boost the production of sex hormones in the body. This will positively impact your sex drive.

Better circulation

Quitting smoking can increase blood flow throughout the body, including your reproductive organs. One of the main drawbacks of nicotine was it causes blood vessels to contract, decreasing blood flow.

When you quit smoking, the blood flow increases. Better blood circulation means better erections. Quitting smoking can help combat ED.

Better stamina

Smoking impacts the capacity of your lung, making it harder to breathe during intense physical activities like sex or exercise. A smoker can easily get exhausted while performing sex because of his impacted lung condition.

Smoking impacts the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen around, making you feel low in energy.

Quitting smoking can make you stay longer in bed and improve your lung capacity by 10% in the initial nine months. Quitting will increase oxygen levels in your blood and make you feel more energetic and full of stamina.

Improved looks and sexual appeal

Smoking affects your skin and overall appearance. Quitting smoking can improve your physical appearance. Your skin will appear less jagged and mature. It will give you a youthful glow and enhance your sexual appeal.

Firmer erections

Around one out of ten men in the UK face ED issues – a condition in which men find it difficult to get/sustain an erection. As smoking constricts the blood vessels and reduces blood flow in all the organs of the body, it increases erectile problems by 50%.

Quitting smoking can reduce erectile dysfunction problems and lead to longer-lasting and firmer erections because of better blood circulation.

Giving up smoking can make sex more enjoyable for both men and women. It can lead to better and more satisfying relationships.

Tips for quitting smoking for better sex life?

Addicted men and women can find it very tough to quit smoking. But if you have strong willpower, nothing can stop you from stopping smoking. Follow these few tips mentioned below to help you in your goal:

Nicotine replacement therapy

Your healthcare provider may suggest a nicotine replacement therapy in the form of a prescription nicotine inhaler, patches, gum, or lozenges. They may even suggest non-nicotine stop-smoking drugs such as bupropion.

Nicotine gum, nasal inhalers, etc., can help you overcome intense cravings. These are short-acting therapies to help you combat the addiction.

Avoid triggers

If you generally crave a cigarette at parties or bars, then avoid going to these places for a few months. Jot down your common triggers and find different alternatives for de-stressing. For example, if you often smoke a cigarette along with sipping coffee when you are stressed, try going for a run instead. It will help clear your mind and curb your craving.


This therapy works wonderfully and even teaches you self-control. If you have an urge to smoke, delay it for a few minutes, say about 15 minutes. Do something to distract you meanwhile. Following this pattern and slowly expanding the delay time can help you curb the addiction altogether.

Chewing gum

If your mouth finds it hard to resist smoking, pop in sugarless chewing gum to keep your mouth busy. You can even try carrots, nuts, or seeds to help you curb your cravings.

Indulge in some physical activity

Often doing some physical activity can distract you from wanting to smoke. Try running, climbing the stairs, or jogging. Joining the gym, cooking, and playing with your dog can help you distract your mind.

Try relaxation techniques

Some relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, or listening to soothing music can calm you down and help you fight the urge to smoke.

Join a rehab

If you are very keen to quit smoking and find it hard to follow any of the above-mentioned tips, then it is best to join a rehab center. They have experts in counseling you and providing support.

Herbal supplements for rescue

While you actively follow your smoke-quitting therapy, you can do with some help from natural performance boosters that have a range of benefits and no side effects.

Your doctor might suggest some chemical drugs to boost your sex drive, treat PE and ED or even improve your sperm health, but these may have serious side effects.

If you have finally decided to improve your degraded sex life by quitting smoking, you can also take the help of these amazing natural pills. Taking these along with your quitting therapy can improve your sexual health faster. You will be able to enjoy sex and please your partner quicker than you anticipated.

These natural performance booster pills can go hand-in-hand with your smoking quitting therapy to give power-packed and instant results. Some of our natural booster pills contain caffeine that can help you quit smoking quickly.

Some of the best erection pills include Male Extra, Max Performer, Vigrx Plus, or Viasil. These are our natural performance booster pills made from 100% natural herbs and ingredients that have proven effects on boosting sexual health in men.


Smoking is a deadly monster that has engulfed a lot of people in the world in its treacherous arms. Passive smoking and direct smoking both cause harm to life. A man should quit smoking for a healthy life for himself and happy life for those who are dependent on him.

Dangers of smoking are aplenty. But it is not impossible to quit it. One can go to rehab or take some natural medications to quit smoking.

And undoubtedly, quitting smoking can boost your sex life, and to add a little spice to it, you may try erection pills made from organic ingredients to aid the working.

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