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Why Would You Get An Erection During A Massage?

Why would you get an erection during a massage? Find out what happens when you massage your erogenous zones.

Quick summary

  • Erections during a massage are a normal physiological response due to the release of oxytocin when the body is relaxed.
  • Massage therapists are trained to ignore erections as long as the client behaves appropriately, and some clients may choose to discuss the issue in advance to avoid embarrassment.
  • Natural erection pills such as Male Extra, Max Performer, Eron Plus, and Member XXL can be a safe and effective solution for managing erection difficulties, without the side effects of chemical drugs like Viagra.

While getting a massage after a tiring day seems like a pampering choice, some of you might be concerned about getting an erection during the process.

The situation can get quite embarrassing when your boners are acting weird in front of the masseur delivering a non-sexual, therapeutic massage.

So, how to ensure that you don’t get one, or why do you get an erection during a massage in the first place? Read on further to know more.

Why do you get an erection during a massage?

Erections are pretty unpredictable and hence, a cause of worry for many males who love getting a massage. But erections are considered a normal aspect of physiology and anatomy.

Massage therapists, during training, are taught to view clients who get erections as completely normal and not perverts!

The main reason is that the body relaxes during a massage, and the tension levels drop. As a result, high amounts of oxytocin are released into the blood. High levels of this hormone are also responsible for erections and ejaculations in some men.

As per societal norms, erections are associated with sexual arousals only. But, the fact is that erections may occur due to a variety of reasons.

Erections occur during sleep or when a person is anxious, scared, or angry. Erections also occur when a man is deeply relaxed.

Massage therapists are trained to ignore these erections as long as the client is behaving appropriately.

Some men prefer to discuss this problem in advance with the masseuses to avoid embarrassment later on. On the other hand, some may wear bikini-fit underwear as a concealing option.

So, to answer your concern, getting an erection during a massage is completely normal. Erections are a normal part of your body’s mechanism to show that it is completely relaxed.

How do erection pills help you control your erection?

So, while it is completely natural to get an erection during a massage if you are someone who is struggling to get an erection or manage one when you want it, here is the help!

Some people find it tough to get an erection when they want to get physically intimate with their partners. This could be because of low libido, stress at work, or other physical reasons.

In such cases, doctors recommend using chemical drugs like Viagra to help you get an erection. But, you must know that these do not come without side effects.

On the other hand, some people have weaker pelvic muscles, which force them to either have an uncontrolled erection even on light stimulation or end up in premature ejaculation.

The best solution for superior erection management is natural erection pills, which are safe, clinically tested, and even certified.

Check out some of the market leaders in this niche: Male Extra, Max Performer, Eron Plus, and Member XXL.

According to in-house surveys, all these products are highly rated and score a 5 star in customer satisfaction.


So next time when you get an erection on the massage table, acknowledge and communicate it to your masseuse.

It might look embarrassing, but 99% of men will undergo the same when stimulated, and it’s perfectly okay to get a boner.

You can mentally prepare yourself to control the erection to an extent, but if that doesn’t work, let go of it and speak openly without shame.

Some of the exercises might help you control the boner, but you can always take resort to erection booster pills,  which are the solution from modern-day science.

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