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Can Going Vegan Decrease Testosterone Levels In Males?

Going vegan is the new sexy across the globe, but does it reduce your testosterone levels? Learn more about it in this article and a lot more.

Quick summary

  • There is a myth that a vegan diet decreases testosterone levels in males, but studies have shown no difference between testosterone levels of vegetarians and meat-eaters.
  • A study showed that men who followed a plant-based diet actually saw an improvement in their testosterone levels.
  • To support testosterone levels, natural testosterone boosters like Testogen, TestoFuel, and Prime Male can be used as supplements. It is important to choose natural supplements to avoid any undesired consequences.

Numerous people hold a misguided judgment that eating meat is masculine and replacing sausages with soy will prompt a drop in testosterone. This myth stops countless men from going veggie lover.

Vegan lovers often curb their protein intake, thus holding a terrible reputation for affecting male testosterone levels.

Foods like soy are rich in protein, but by then, they have gained notoriety for bringing down testosterone, even though a review of 15 studies in 2009 reported that soy protein had no impact on testosterone levels in men.

Let’s dig deeper and try to find if going vegan decreases testosterone levels in males.

Can a vegan diet dwindle your testosterone levels?

After lots of confusion as the studies proceeded, there uncovered no difference between the testosterone levels of vegetarians and meat-eaters.

Another study by university professors aimed to find a connection between a vegan diet and t-hormone level, discovered that there is no distinction in the chemical degrees of meat-eaters and vegetarians.

A prior study performed in 2020 showed that men eating an entire plant-based food eating regimen saw their testosterone levels improve.

A British Journal of Cancer study, which tried 696 men (233 of whom were veggie lovers), announced: “Vegetarians had 13% higher T [testosterone] focus than meat-eaters and 8% higher than vegans.”

Can you improve the t-hormone level naturally?

Besides settling on the sound way of life decisions and tending to medicine incidental effects or untreated ailments, there’s little you can do to help your testosterone level typically.

In this way, assuming you need to build your testosterone level, natural testosterone boosters will be the most ideal choice for you.

Any raw food from your kitchen, vitamins or minerals, or even t-hormone boosters pills with natural ingredients are often classified as natural sources of testosterone boosters.

3 of the best natural testosterone boosters that have grown in popularity over time are mentioned below:

These testosterone boosters can assist with expanding the synthesis of testosterone levels in your body to help you partake in an untiring way of life.

These supplements are exceptionally successful and often recommended by their clinicians, sports personnel, and regular users.

There are loads of various brands accessible in the market nowadays. However, what’s significant here is to ensure that you settle on the normal ones and not the engineered ones as they can leave undesired eventual outcomes.


There are no conclusive results that suggest that going vegan might hinder your testosterone.

For the most part, talking, as long as you eat heaps of natural vegetables and guarantee that you’re fed, veggie lover testosterone levels can be supported with plant-based eating regimens.

If you want to take supplements from outside, choosing natural testosterone supplements is the best key to success.

Written by Tom Knight
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