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Drink These To Last Longer In Bed

Are you failing to stay longer during sex? Then this article is for you. Read it to learn some homemade drinks to help you combat this condition.

Quick summary

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, can improve sexual stamina and last longer in bed.
  • Certain drinks such as aloe vera juice, pomegranate juice, milk, banana ice cream, watermelon juice, and beet juice can enhance sexual performance by increasing energy levels and blood flow.
  • Erection pills like Male Extra and Max Performer can be an effective solution for those who struggle to retain their sexual energy in the bedroom, but a healthy lifestyle and natural remedies should also be considered.

In addition to the physical changes that occur in your bodies as you age, sexual health also undergoes various modifications. Men experience weaker erection with an inability to release on command.

This in no way implies that your sexual prowess has been exhausted. In order to have an active sexual life, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your whole life.

Keep your energy levels up by exercising, eating well, and last longer during sex.

While staying in bed for a longer time is not essential, many couples do so since it improves their sexual satisfaction. Some of them can only stay for 6 to 11 minutes despite much practice and the lessons they’ve learned from their failures.

Natural ways may be used to improve your sex life and sexual performance. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, good eating, and a well-balanced diet will help you increase your sexual stamina.

You’ll be able to hold out for longer if you incorporate the drinks mentioned below into your everyday diet.

These modifications will give the impression that your personal experiences go a lot longer. And that’s exactly what you’re going to see in this article.

Things you can drink to the last longer in bed

To apply the same thinking to sexual activity that we do to our morning smoothies, analyze our macronutrient intake, and to want to quantify and optimize every part of our life, it would appear to make sense.

Before even considering going to a therapist, drinking something refreshing might be good if you’re feeling a little down.

Because you can personalize your drinks and take them with you everywhere you go, you don’t have to set up a lot of time to accomplish it.

Aloe vera juice is an excellent source of vitamin C

According to research, aloe vera juice may have an influence on testosterone levels, which is the principal hormone for male sexuality and performance.

Increased vitality and libido have been linked to aloe vera juice use. Maintaining a healthy diet is also vital to your overall well-being.

Juice of pomegranate

Pomegranate juice may aid men with erectile dysfunction because of its high content of antioxidants. Pomegranate’s health advantages include increased circulation and a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.


Milk is a traditional wedding present in many cultures to last longer amid sexual pleasures. A quick burst of energy may be felt thanks to its high nutritional density and rapid absorption immediately.

Banana ice cream slush

Since bananas contain bromelain, an enzyme-producing component, a banana shake is a good source of enzymes. Use of this drink may increase your sexual vigor and desire.

Juice from watermelon

According to some studies, eating watermelon may help men keep a harder erection. It contains citrulline, which is a great vasodilator that can increase the blood flow into the penis for a stronger erection.

The juice of beets

Nitrates are well-known for enhancing blood flow throughout the body. Both the volume of blood flowing to the brain and the brain’s functioning were improved by beets.

Why does longer time matters?

Exactly how long should sex be held? For as long as you and your partner want it to go on.

The optimal time for penetrative sex, according to several research, is between seven and thirteen minutes on average. But this is highly debated because some researchers point out that it will go anywhere from 33 seconds to 40 minutes.

Depending on your preferences, the amount of time you spend having sex may be cut in half or double depending on your mood, sexual stamina, sexual preference, and vigor.

Adding a pinch of spice to the sex life is the foreplay and that little bit of tease you and your partner have in the bed; therefore, reaching climax sooner is actually a mood spoiler in many cases.

No matter what someone else says about their sexual life, you should never allow it to make you feel bad about your own. There is no one else to blame except yourself.

Longer sexual encounters are more likely when you share the same erogenous zones with your partner.

Research shows that same-sex female couples have longer sexual experiences than either same-sex male couples or those that involve both a male and female partner.

It was also discovered that couples of the same sex had less frequent sexual encounters than previously believed.

What else can I use to improve my time?

Boosting male sexuality has moved from a basic necessity to a billion-dollar industry, and there are a variety of products starting from medications to black magic.

While we can speak endlessly on various products, the easiest way to boost your bedtime is by keeping yourself healthy, for which you need to do exercise and eat healthy food.

But if the above suggestions look vague, then you should think of something like an erection pill, which is specifically mended to increase your bedtime and delay the premature release.

Male Extra is one of the best examples of an erection pill that enhances the size, hardness, and length of your erections by increasing blood flow to your penis. For this, they use an effective blend of natural ingredients that have been shown to work.

A man’s life is complete when he has experienced the inner fulfillment of love that grows and achieves its ultimate beauty. Male Extra has shown to be a game-changer for those who struggle to retain their sexual energy in the bedroom.

If you’re looking to boost your erection strength and sexual stamina, then another product called Max Performer promises a perfect balance for you.

The new male enhancement pill by Max Performer happens to be a one-gulp solution to a dozen of the most common sexual problems. But if you want to learn more about this genre of products, check here.


Even while premature ejaculation sometimes is not a cause for worry, you should talk to your doctor if it happens often. Some of the above-mentioned simple home remedies may provide temporary relief.

An imbalance in hormones is one possible cause of your precocious ejaculation, which can only be diagnosed by a medical specialist.

Melancholy or despair may be experienced by certain people after ejaculating. This is because serotonin levels, a chemical linked to positive feelings, drop after a high point. After the climax, some individuals have a sense of drowsiness.

Boosting your reproductive system with the right amount of nutrients is the best way to combat premature ejaculation, for which the drinks mentioned above can help you.

Eating fatty salmon, mussels, spinach, or walnuts after a bowel movement may help a person recover their energy levels. You may also drink chia seed or flaxseed-based drinks in addition to the last longer and enjoy more.

But if you want to take a step ahead, then the erection pills are the best choice because they are a combination of all these drinks.

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