edging for premature ejaculation

What Is Edging, And How Does It Help You Combat Premature Ejaculation?

Are you suffering from premature ejaculation? Here is how the technique of edging can help you manage your PE and improve your sex life.

Quick summary

  • Edging is a non-medical technique to help combat premature ejaculation by delaying orgasm through stimulation and control.
  • Edging can be done through various methods, including the stop-start method, squeeze method, and ballooning method, and can be practiced alone or with a partner.
  • While edging is an effective way to combat premature ejaculation, natural semen boosters can also be used as a safer alternative to chemical drugs. Some of the best semen boosters include Volume Pills, Semenax, and Semaxin.

Do you often find yourself reaching climax sooner than you anticipated or your partner desired? Reaching a climax quickly often dissatisfies your partner, who would have preferred longer foreplay.

Once men reach a point of no return or their climax, the penis gets limp and soft, and they cannot satisfy their partner.

But for men who have been avoiding intimacy because of their premature ejaculation, we have some good news! Here we shall explain a non-medical tactic and technique one can try to prolong ejaculation and enjoy a good sexual activity.

This technique is known as edging. By mastering the art of edging during masturbation or with your partner, you can delay your ejaculation and hence, last longer in bed.

The edging method is an easy exercise in which you learn to take control of your ejaculation just before you reach the brink of orgasm.

Scroll down further to know more about this technique and how it is done.

What is edging?

Edging is the technique used to manage premature ejaculation. It is also known as surfing, teasing, orgasm control, or peaking.

This method involves bringing yourself to the point of climax (without ejaculating yet), pausing until the urge to ejaculate subsides, and then continuing with foreplay or stimulation.

With practice, you can learn to recognize when you are about to climax or reach the point of no return. This method extends the duration of your sexual intimacy and gives time for foreplay and stimulation, enabling you and your partner to enjoy the activity.

The average duration of intercourse (penis-in-vagina sex) is around 5.4 minutes.

Most women desire a penetration duration between 7 to 13 minutes. Edging helps to prolong the time for men who struggle to reach this ideal duration. This technique also helps to improve sexual stamina as well.

In order words, edging is getting into a cycle of sexual stimulation and then stopping just before the point of orgasm and repeating it for a few minutes until you decide to come.

‘Edge’ is the point just before the climax. Individuals can practice the edging technique to reach this point many times during sexual activity to prolong the encounter for both partners.

Edging can be practiced by women too. This technique can be practiced by anyone to increase the intensity of an orgasm. Females can practice edging to combat premature orgasm.

Although this practice has recently created quite a buzz in sexual health discussions, it is a very old technique. Edging was first introduced as the ‘stop-start method’ by James H. Semans in his theory published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 1956.

How to do the edging?

The edging method can be simply described as stimulating the penis as one would normally do, then pulling back when you get close to orgasm, and then repeating all over again.

This method can be a little frustrating at first, as you normally just want to enjoy your climax. But, once you practice a bit, you will notice that edging enhances your sexual enjoyment and intensifies your orgasm. This technique is all about self-control.

You can start by focusing on something that sexually arouses you. Then stay on that stage before you orgasm. Once you learn to recognize your bodily signs, you can stop all the stimulation just when you are on the brink of a climax and then repeat.

Here are four ways to do the edging.

Stop-start method

Make your environment ideal and start sexually stimulating yourself either by watching porn, visualizing, or whatever it takes to get you aroused.

  • Start masturbating by stroking your penis gently.
  • When you feel like you are about to come, stop the stimulation. Move your hands away, slow your movements or start focusing from the beginning on what got you excited. Do not start thinking about anything different, else you might lose your arousal completely.
  • You might notice your body getting more excited, sweating, or shaking more.
  • Now again, start stimulating yourself and then stop just before climax.
  • After doing it twice, allow yourself to reach your orgasm the third time. You may find your orgasm lasts longer and is more intense.

With a partner

  • When doing it with a partner, engage in foreplay to arouse yourself and your partner.
  • Penetrate your partner and enjoy the activity, but just when you are about to climax, disengage from your partner and start with the foreplay again in a different position this time.
  • Repeat the process until you are ready to come.

Squeeze method

  • Stimulate yourself until you reach the point of orgasm.
  • Just before your orgasm, squeeze the head of your penis to stop your orgasm.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and then start stimulating again.
  • Again squeeze it the second time, continue with the stimulation and then allow yourself to come the third time or fourth time.

Ballooning method

  • This method is very useful for people with premature ejaculation. You need to find an area on your penis that is quite sensitive.
  • Slowly stimulate yourself by touching your penis only in that area.
  • Keep rubbing that area until you are fully hard and stop suddenly when you are about to come.
  • Let yourself get a little soft, and then repeat this process.
  • Repeat this a couple of times until you want to come.
  • The ballooning method makes you last longer by training you to control your orgasm.

How is it beneficial to prevent premature ejaculation?

The sole benefit of the edging method is to prevent premature ejaculation and intensify your orgasm so that you and your partner can enjoy sexual activity better.

Premature ejaculation can build embarrassment and decrease your confidence when it comes to satisfying your partner sexually. Between 30 to 40% of men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives.

Edging has scientifically and practically been shown to extend the duration of sexual activities while helping the male control his erection.

In fact, your penis tissues are getting a physiotherapy exercise when edging is performed, thus helping an enhanced control over your release.

Are there any workarounds for preventing premature ejaculation?

While edging is a great technique to help one combat premature ejaculation, not everyone can master it.

Some, on the other hand, may not enjoy the practice of stopping and stimulating oneself again and again. They prefer to be in a continuous flow of sexual activity.

If you want to treat premature ejaculation through medication, doctors may prescribe steroids and other chemical drugs that may lead to serious side effects.

In such cases, it is always better to use natural semen boosters as they are safer than chemical drugs.

Natural semen boosters are made with natural herbs and organic ingredients that have proven benefits for male reproductive organs. These semen boosters are scientifically tested and have received rave reviews worldwide.

You may explore more about some of the best semen boosters here.

The best pills to combat premature ejaculation are Volume Pills. These pills increase the ejaculation period and intensify your orgasm. Semenax pills are best recommended to increase your ejaculation load and overall semen health. Semaxin is best used for improving sperm motility and sperm count, while Spermax Control pills can be taken to combat premature ejaculation and delay semen release.


To conclude, edging is a non-medical technique to help combat premature ejaculation. It is a practice of gaining control over your climax and prolonging it by a few minutes.

Edging is a technique in which a sexually aroused man stops on the brink of orgasm until the urge to ejaculate subsides and then repeats stimulation and foreplay to come to the point of orgasm again.

This stop-start method can be done twice or thrice until the man decides to come.

Edging helps you combat premature ejaculation, delay semen release and enjoy your sexual activity.

This technique also helps you satisfy your partner by prolonging the foreplay. But, if you would rather rectify your problem by taking some medications or pills, then it is better to choose natural semen boosters in place of chemical drugs.

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