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Are Premature Ejaculation Pills Safe To Use?

Premature semen release is a mood killer with consequences, but thanks to PE pills, it is longer an issue. But, are premature ejaculation pills safe?

Quick summary

  • Premature ejaculation (PE) pills made from natural and herbal ingredients are safe and side-effect-free.
  • When buying PE pills, it is important to choose products from reputable brands, purchase from official websites, and wait at least 3-4 weeks to see results.
  • The five best PE pills available in the market are Semaxin, Climax Control, ProSolution Plus, and RizerXL.

Safety is a major concern in people’s minds, especially when buying over-the-counter supplements and products.

Even though there are authorities to regulate the standards, people only know about the mishap once it had occurred.

Today supplements are vastly used in the bodybuilding industry and wellness segment, but many use it with one eye opened.

Sexual health products are one of the most sold goods under the wellness genre, and there is something to be happy about it.

Because today, most of the supplements are natural and made from plant products, which are side-effects-free and safe.

Premature ejaculation (PE) pills are the most used supplement next to performance boosters & erection pills, and according to a survey, 78% of users are satisfied with natural supplements.

Natural supplements are generally considered to be harmless, but are premature ejaculations pills safe?

In this article, we are going to learn in detail about premature ejaculation supplements, their safety, and some of the best products. Let’s get started.

What are premature ejaculation pills?

premature ejaculation supplements

PE pills are supplements used to treat premature ejaculation. It is a condition (primarily in men) in which a person ejaculates or experiences orgasm prematurely in the intercourse.

Mostly the condition is treated using psychological drugs or physiotherapeutic exercises, but PE pills changed all of it with their herbal combination.

These supplements are made by combining potent herbal ingredients adopted from traditional medicine regimens like Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Korean medicine, European medicine, etc.

The principle of supplementation is to supply all vital and essential nutrients in one go for the body to work correctly without defaulting any metabolic processes.

For example, in the case of PE, the dysfunction occurs due to some metabolic shortcoming, which finally becomes a psychological or physiological disorder leading to premature semen release.

When you use a PE pill,  testosterone levels climb, neurotransmitters get back on track, blood flow becomes normal, and as a result, premature ejaculation vanishes.

Are premature ejaculation pills safe?

Yes, provided the pills you are buying is a 100% herbal composition with a well-engineered formulation.

Modern-day natural supplements use various herbs and plant products in a unique proportion, capable of bringing homeostatic balance to the body.

Technically, you are ingesting a capsule containing powdered herbs, you absorb necessary nutrients and eliminate it through the natural bodily process.

To assure the user’s safety, most of the reputed brands commit to following the cGMP norms set by agencies like FDA, EMA, etc.

Also, before releasing a new product, extensive clinical studies are conducted to ensure that the product has all the parameters within safety limits.

Even after the sales, most brands keep tight surveillance to see if their pills are causing any sort of trouble.

Not just that, all of the ingredients used are backed by independent research studies from across the globe, which adds authenticity to products like PE pills.

What are the points to note when buying a premature ejaculation pill?

premature ejaculation pills

If you are buying a premature ejaculation pill for the first time, it is always better to go with a general performance booster with PE combating properties.

Because it might take a few tries before finding that golden product that works best on you.

Or else go with the crowd and buy those reputed products with a good number of customer reviews and ratings.

This way, you will get a guaranteed PE pill, but might end up paying slightly more from your pocket than buying a generic product.

Make sure that you are buying is from the official website, or from trusted vendors because knock-offs and fake PE pills are so prevalent in the market.

PE pills won’t immediately give you results on the second day of use, but you will have to wait for at least 3 ~ 4 weeks to see the onset of action.

The time frames might change plus or minus depending on the individual parameters, but trusted brands always give your guaranteed results.

Five best premature ejaculation treatment pills in the market

These are the five best premature ejaculation treatment pills you can find in the market.

1. Semaxin

SemaxinA male fertility enhancer with the ability to boost the ejaculation load and improves the delay in release to grant you more fun time.

This product is a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, which helps to improve the blood flow, and regulates brain signaling.

2. Climax Control

Climax Control

A one of a kind ejaculation pill that grants you at least 30 minutes of delay in releasing the semen load.

The majority of its users got the onset of action in just under 1 week of use with 2 capsules per day.

3. ProSolution Plus

Prosolution Plus

From the house of Leading Edge Health, this product is one of the well-engineered PE pills in the market.

Clinically proven and medically endorsed, 64% of users reported a reversal of PE problems within a couple of months of use.

4. RizerXL

rizer xl

This is a powerful supplement to bridle the premature semen release, which at the same time helps to build a sustaining erection as well.

The sexual stamina is also increased along with delayed ejaculation to give the user maximum pleasure in bed.


Safety has never been an issue for PE pills due to its organic nature and herbal origin.

In fact, people accepted with both hands, and today natural supplements for PE are the most preferred treatment choice.

Safety is only guaranteed for products that come from reputed brands.

So make sure that you buy and use genuine, famous and scientifically-backed products from well-known brands to avoid any issues.

To make things clear, purchase from the official website instead of third-party sellers to get genuine products and amazing offers.

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Written by Lukas Weier

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