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How Can I Decrease My Libido Without Decreasing My Levels Of Testosterone?

Too much libido can be a fun killer in any relationship. Learn how to decrease your libido without reducing your testosterone levels here.

Quick summary

  • High libido can be a sign of hypersexuality or sex addiction and can be addressed through talking therapy or distraction techniques.
  • Building a relationship without engaging in sexual activity and avoiding responding to every sexual impulse can help in reducing sex drive.
  • Testosterone boosters like Prime Male, Testogen, and TestRX can help regulate libido while maintaining testosterone levels.

Libido is also referred to as sex drive in some circles, and it refers to your mental and emotional urge for sexual activity.

A variety of things can have an impact on your libido, including:

  • Medications
  • Illness
  • Fatigue
  • Change in a sexual relationship
  • Stress level
  • Hormone level
  • Age

If your high libido is interfering with your life or resulting in sexual intercourse that you feel you have no control over, this may be an indication of hypersexuality, also known as sex addiction in the conventional sense.

Let’s understand the ways of decreasing libido.

Ways to decrease libido without decreasing testosterone levels

Certain ways may be beneficial for anyone concerned that the sex drive is excessive and should be addressed.

The following are the recommendations for things to do to reduce sex drive:

Consider talking therapy as an option

If a person’s high sex drive is causing them to be unhappy, a counselor can assist them in exploring their ideas, feelings, and desires towards sex in greater depth.

Distraction is a good idea

It is likely that being involved in sexual activities, whether with a partner or by masturbation will increase the desire for more sex.

If a person wants to lessen their sexual desire, it may be worthwhile to attempt not to react to every sexual impulse that comes to them.

Allow for the development of a relationship

Any personal gesture by others may be misinterpreted as a request to engage in sexual activity by those with weaker sexual drive.

It may be beneficial to decide to be connected without engaging in sexual activity.

For example, you may go on a dinner or give a spa treatment to show that you care about the other person rather than to increase the likelihood that they will consent to have sex.

Supplements to boost testosterone levels

Energy, building muscle, sex drive, and overall male efficiency are all claimed to be improved by taking the testosterone booster product.

Some people simply wish to increase their sex drive. An herbal extract blend of botanical extracts as well as minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that are associated with increased testosterone production are included in this supplement.

These supplements can assist you help you regulate your libido without hurting your testosterone levels.

The popular testosterone supplements list includes:


So next time when you are in doubt, and struggling to know that how you can decrease libido without decreasing the T-levels, then simply follow the talking therapy, give time to a relationship, etc.

You may take the aid of testosterone boosters to maintain your hormone level, at the same time, manage your libido through psycological means.

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