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How Does Masturbation Affect Your Kidney?

Masturbation is the best way to release yourself, but is it true that it affects your kidney? Read this article to understand the impact and a lot more.

Quick summary

  • Masturbation is a normal and safe sexual activity for people of all ages and does not negatively impact kidney health. Many myths surround the topic of masturbation, and it is important to understand the facts to dispel these misconceptions.
  • Excessive masturbation can result in physical discomfort such as back pain, but this is not directly caused by the act itself. The best way to avoid discomfort is to maintain a good posture while engaging in self-pleasure.
  • There are many benefits to masturbation, including improved sleep and reduced risk of prostate cancer. While performance boosters such as Male Extra and Vigrx Plus can enhance the sexual experience, it is important to maintain a healthy balance and not become addicted to the activity.

If you go about the definition of masturbation, it is a self-stimulating activity that you usually do to attain self-pleasure when you are aroused.

If you like to simply define it, masturbation is touching your own genitals for sexual pleasure. It is done or practiced by every age of human.

Be it an infant, teenager, adult, or an older man/woman, a person of every age practices this sexual pleasure-seeking act.

How do people do it? Well, it’s a different question altogether. There are a lot many ways you can indulge in it.

People are different, and so does their way of doing things. Masturbation has no other rule, but only this: Different things work for different people, and the people have different ways of doing it.

In this article, let us explore how masturbation impacts your kidney and a lot more. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Will masturbation affect your kidney?

Masturbation is an act done to have sexual pleasure by oneself. It is a fun activity and is said to be not at all harmful to your health.

But there are a lot of misconceptions and myths around this topic, which is also a taboo to many people. One of the myths you might have heard is that it is harmful to your health.

You might have also heard that it has a really bad impact on your kidneys if you indulge in this activity too much. It is believed that there is a negative relationship between you masturbating and your kidneys. But this is not true.

Whether you use your bare fingers or sex toys, it does not lead to any negative results or impact on your little beans.

Sometimes it’s difficult to pee when you reach orgasm, which is often due to the hormone release that influences your urination at the time of orgasm.

Despite this, the pleasure you get from self-satisfaction and the impact on your kidneys are still not interconnected.

Similarly, the amount of nutrients released in semen during self-pleasing does not lead to any deficiency in nutrients and therefore does not negatively impact your kidney either.

Since no evidence can show the correlation between masturbation and negative effects on kidneys, it is to be assumed that it is safe to proceed.

Why would some people have kidney pain after masturbation?

If you are worried about the fact back pain after masturbation? Then, keep in mind that the reason might be different.

As stated above, many notions are attached to self-sexual pleasurable activities; we can safely say that seeking self-pleasure does not cause back pain.

Also, keep in mind that not all the people who masturbate get backache. Having said the above, you should also be reminded that excess of anything is bad. So, does the masturbation.

Overdoing masturbation can be harmful to not just your kidneys but the whole of the body. So, the overdid self-pleasure can be a rare reason for back pain, but the activity itself is not the cause of this effect.

It is not just about the time spent on the act but also how it is done. Indulging the act in a bad posture may result in lower backache or pain in the pelvic area. So, while in action, you must take good notes about your posture and enjoy.

What are some of the other myths about masturbation?

It is one of the common activities that people are involved in and enjoy, like any other activity. Still, there is a stigma attached to this topic, and people go hush about it.

As it is one of the taboos to talk about, there are a lot of misconceptions, or we can also say myths, attached to it. Let us break some of them today.

It makes you go blind.

This is one of the big myths which is not true. In fact, it was found out that the people who masturbate regularly, on a daily basis, have not suffered for years from any blindness diseases.

It can cause erectile dysfunction.

This is another myth that needs to be demolded. Self-pleasure does not result in any kind of erectile dysfunction. There are many reasons behind this issue, but not self-pleasure for sure.

Children do not masturbate.

Most children find the curiosity arousing around their private parts at the age of 5-6 years. They may indulge in an act occasionally, depending upon how they like and feel about doing it. Keep in mind that it is common and part of growth.

Women do not masturbate.

It is said that women do not seek self-pleasure. There is no truth in it. In fact, women are self-satisfy as much as men do. They are just less vocal about it. Of course, the reason is it being a taboo, specifically for women.

Masturbation causes infertility.

Neither in men nor in women, self-pleasure leads to infertility. You do not risk yourself or your partner getting pregnant by indulging in pleasuring yourself. This is another myth that has been debunked.

The one-shot trick for healthy sex life.

Whether it be masturbation or sex with your partner, anything associated with your sexuality needs proper and healthy care, like your body and mind.

You eat food to keep your body and mind healthy, but is there anything to keep your sexuality healthy?

Performance boosters are easy recommendations for your sexual health, and they are nothing but a quick solution to adding some nutrients needed for your horny machine.

Male Extra, Max Performer, Vigrx Plus, and Viasil are some of the market toppers you may consider, but be sure to check out the reviews too.


So, by now, you would have already come across a lot much information that clearly points toward the fact that masturbation has no negative effect on any health factor and is safe to practice.

If it’s on your mind, it’s fine; it’s common, and it is normal. However, if it’s on your mind always, it might get you in some trouble.

It is normal to explore yourself sexually, get to know your body that way and make it into action in order to attain sexual pleasure by yourself.

But, if it is the only thing on your mind, and you cancel out every plan to do it, then you should just be cautious of getting addicted to it. There is still no physical health problem, but it might also affect you psychologically in the long term.

So, to end this article, we would want to remind you that it might be taboo for some and normal for others, but it is worth trying.

It has many benefits that you can get in the short term and long term. Now it’s all up to you, whether you want would want to do it or not.

Written by Lukas Weier
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