exercises for peyronies disease

What Are The Best Exercises For Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease can cause painful erection in men and lead to erectile problems. But these exercises will fix them in no time. Click to know more.

Quick summary

  • Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which scar tissue causes the penis to curve, potentially leading to pain during erections or difficulty achieving an erection.
  • Three exercises can help address Peyronie’s disease: jelqing, which involves massaging the penis in a circular motion; penile traction therapy, which uses a device to stretch the penis; and simple penis stretching, which involves manually pulling the penis in different directions.
  • Penis traction devices or extenders, such as Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, and Phallosan Forte, are a popular non-invasive treatment for Peyronie’s disease, as they can correct curvature and even increase penis size through cytokinesis.

We bet there is nothing better than long-lasting, wild sex. But, when it comes to sustaining an erection, a few men may find themselves in a never-ending dilemma.

As the experts say, when you have trouble getting or maintaining an erection, it means you may be experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED).

But, when you experience pain, it is not really ED. It may naturally affect older men unless they have underlying health issues. However, something that can occur in any man is the notorious Peyronie’s disease (PD).

It is a rare condition in men which curves your penis due to scar tissues. When this happens, you may experience pain while getting an erection or not get an erection at all.

This article will find everything to help you win over this disease.

The three best exercises for Peyronie’s disease

Even though several clinical methods help you fix PD, you should also consider performing these exercises for quick results.

Jelqing or milking

Jelqing is a popular, device-less massage for Peyronie’s disease. To perform it, use your thumb and index finger to slowly massage and motion a circle-like shape at the base of your penis.

Steadily move from the base to the head following the same method. However, make sure to decrease the pressure if it begins to hurt.

Penile traction therapy

Penile traction therapy is a 2019-study-proved Peyronie’s disease exercise. It is a great exercise that helps you restore the actual length of your penis.

You can wear a contraption around your penis to stretch it. Penile traction therapy is one of the most effective and quickest ways that help you reform your penis into its healthy self.

Simple penis stretching

Simple penis stretching is a simple exercise you can perform at home. It comes with several health benefits, along with fixing Peyronie’s disease.

To stretch your penis, you need to hold it and then pull it straight. Hold the position for at least ten seconds, pull it towards your right and maintain it.

Follow the same for the left side and repeat it twice every day.

Best remedy for Peyronie’s disease

If your penis is struggling to keep its posture, the most preferable treatment might be the penis traction device or sometimes called a penis extender.

These traction-based devices have a mechanical system to keep the penis stretched in posture for longer.

In a nutshell, this device has a platform to hold the penis and straps to secure the penis. A spring mechanism can impart up to 4000 gm of force to stretch the penis.

This creates micro-tears on the penis, which is painless. When these micro-tears heal, they increase the cell number, which will reflect as correction of Peyronie’s disease over time.

One of the unforeseen benefits is the increase in the penis size due to cytokinesis, and therefore, this device is mostly used for penis length enlargement.

Some of the best and top-rated penis extenders are Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, and Phallosan Forte.


Peyronie’s disease may be painful for some, while some may only face erection problems.

However, if you take proper medications, and perform the exercises regularly, then the problem will eventually disappear.

Apart from that, you must also make penis extenders your best friend, which might be an excellent non-invasive option that currently exists.

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