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What Causes Abnormal Penis Shapes?

Are you worried about the abnormal shape of your penis, then this article is your savior. Learn how to fix this issue without even going hospital.

Quick summary

  • Peyronie’s disease causes a bent or curved penis due to scar tissue formation, resulting in painful erections and difficulty during sexual activity. The condition may be influenced by factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and smoking.
  • The exact cause of Peyronie’s disease is unknown, but repeated injury to the penis tissue or genetic predisposition may play a role. Treatment options include surgical and non-surgical methods, with plication surgery being a common surgical approach.
  • Penis extenders are a popular non-surgical treatment option for Peyronie’s disease. They apply traction force to the penis, correcting curvature and even potentially increasing size. These devices are FDA-approved, non-invasive, and widely accepted, with brands like Quick Extender Pro, Phallosan Forte, and SizeGenetics offering well-engineered products.

Having a bent or curved penis is known as Peyronie’s disease, which is the reason that causes abnormal penis shapes. The penis’s shaft develops scar tissue as a result of this condition.

As a result, erections are painful, and the shape change becomes very noticeable as and when your erection grows.

There is a lot more to Peyronie’s disease than you would think. About one in every twenty men is found to have it. Middle-aged men are most commonly affected, but it could also strike teenage boys.

Let’s try to get some background about this condition.

How to diagnose abnormal penis shapes?

Before even we could start, let’s try to figure out how this disorder looks like

  • Erections are extremely painful, and that’s the first thing people notice.
  • After a few months, the penis becomes curved or bent in several directions: upwards, downwards, or to one side.
  • The penis will no longer bend or curve after a year and remain flat. In most cases, the discomfort subsides at this point.
  • A curved or bent penis is usually only noticeable during an erection.
  • Difficulty in penetration sex.

Even though it doesn’t harm the penis, difficulty is exhibited during sexual activity or masturbation. This disorder does not necessarily hamper the sexual vigor of the person; however, makes it difficult to have sex or masturbate

This may heal normally for some people, but in others, the scar tissue may form due to a genetic predisposition, thus causing an awkward bend in the phallus.

It is most commonly found in people that have:

  • Diabetes
  • Drinks alcohol frequently
  • Have huge cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Smoke
  • Dupuytren’s contracture

What causes the abnormal shape of the penis?

The exact cause of this disorder isn’t currently known, but it is very well understood that repeated injury to the penis tissue is one of the major reasons of Peyronies disease.

However, in some people, a genetic predisposition is identified to cause a natural bend in the penis shape, which can usually be treated with a penis stretcher.

When an injury occurs to the penile tissue during a physical activity like sex, sports, or even masturbating incorrectly can lead to injuries, which heal to form scars.

This process of scar formation accumulates over time and leads to a plague, which can disorient the shape of the penis.

How is Peyronies disease usually treated?

There are both surgical and non-surgical interventions to treat this disorder. Most patients opt for a non-surgical choice, which will be explored in detail below.

For a surgical correction, a urologist will perform a plication surgery. A small portion of the scar tissue from the penis shaft is removed until the posture of the phallus is straight.

However, one major downside is that, after this surgery, the length of the penis might become shorter.

How is Peyronies disease treated without surgery?

The most recognized way is to use a penis extender, which is sometimes called a traction device or a penis stretcher. As the name would suggest, this device applies a traction force on the shaft of the penis.

It is generally sued for increasing the penis length and girth, but its capability to fix the posture of the penis came as a great perk.

People with mild to moderate levels of bend in the penis shaft may try this device.

A penis extender would have a frame to hold the shaft, a strap to secure it, and a spring to apply a stretch on the penile shaft.

This stretch helps to create micro-tears in the tissue, which is immediately healed by the body, but in an upright position.

As long as there is no scarred tissue plague, this method works the best and even grants an increase of 1or 2 inches in size.

Why are penis extenders the best way to fix penis posture?

Unlike surgical intervention, there are no invasive procedures, no pain, no medicines, or hospitalization is required to use this device.

This technique is proven, and FDA approved for correcting penis curvature problems and therefore is widely accepted.

The only downside is the latency in results because of its natural action. A penis extender is nothing but a brace for your penis to correct its curvature.

Nowadays, there are well-engineered and designed penis extenders in the market to help your lower body maintain a lowkey while using this product.

Also, you don’t need to consult a doctor to use this product if you think it’s too embarrassing!


In a nutshell, the abnormal shape difference on your penis is caused by your genetics, or it just happened to be like that by birth.

Either way, if you notice it on time, and start to treat it at a very early stage, then surgical intervention is not needed; however, if there is a large plaque formation, then surgery has to be done to treat it.

Penis extenders are by far the best non-surgical treatment regimen, which is approved by medical science to fix curvature problems.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to choose a proven product with the superior build quality and design features to grab maximum benefit.

Quick Extender Pro, Phallosan Forte, SizeGenetics, etc., are some of the top brands that help you fix curvature problems while giving a change in penis size as well!

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