masturbation and immunity

Will Immunity Decrease If You Masturbate?

Does masturbation really decrease your immunity? Or is it just another myth? Read on to know more about masturbation and immunity.

Quick summary

  • Masturbation has been stigmatized in society for generations, and many myths surround it. One such myth is that it can decrease your immunity, but there is no scientific evidence to support this.
  • Masturbation does not have a significant impact on the immune system, but it can indirectly improve your immune system by reducing stress levels and increasing endocannabinoid production.
  • Poor immunity can result from various health reasons such as malnutrition, lack of exercise, bad genes, excess drug and alcohol consumption, and underlying health conditions. Natural performance booster pills can improve your sexual health and immunity by providing essential nutrients to your body.

Masturbation is a solo sex act often done to relieve oneself of sexual urges. It is a very natural act that most men and women indulge in as they hit puberty.

Masturbation has been stigmatized in our society for generations, and many myths revolving around it exist. One such myth is that masturbation can decrease your immunity.

During Covid-19, another rumor crept up the grapevine saying that masturbation can, in fact, improve your immunity.

In this article, we shall debunk the myths and come to some straight facts.

Does masturbation decrease your immunity?

Simply put, masturbation does not strongly influence the immune system to help it keep pathogens at bay.

If you fall sick while masturbating frequently, you cannot blame your disease on masturbation. As you use a lot of energy to masturbate, it is believed that it will make you weak.

A weak person is more prone to diseases, hence the myth. Many people only try to scare younger teens to refrain from masturbating by spreading such myths.

There is no correlation between masturbation and a decrease in immunity.

So, does it increase your immunity?

This may be directly true, but if you look at it from another angle, you might find some facts in this. Sex reduces stress levels, and the solo act of masturbation is as healthy as having sex with your partner.

So, if masturbation can help you relieve your sexual surges and stress, it can help you indirectly boost your immune system.

Additionally, it has been discovered that masturbation increases endocannabinoid production. This group of neurotransmitters is a component of the endocannabinoid system, which is vital to maintaining physiological balance.

The immune system, inflammation, and stress response may be positively impacted by stimulating the endocannabinoid system, such as during an orgasm.

But, there is not much scientific evidence to prove this point as well. If you are lying sick and unwell, repeated acts of masturbation cannot send electric signals down your immunity lines and help you shake off the disease!

It might leave you feeling tired and sore, and certainly, overdoing can have some impacts as well.

In general, why do you have low immunity?

Low immunity can result from several health reasons, poor food habits, lack of exercise, bad heredity genes, and excess drugs, alcohol, or tobacco consumption.

Malnutrition is one of the prime reasons for low immunity. Your body gets all its proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbs, and energy from a balanced diet.

If you do not consume a balanced diet regularly, your body will lack all the vital elements necessary to strengthen your immune system.

Smoking and alcohol kill your white blood cells and weaken your immune system. Low immunity can also stem from underlying health conditions like HIV and AIDs.

How do you improve your immunity and sexual health in one go?

Sounds little fairy? Well, the logic is simple. When you are deprived of good food, your immunity goes down, along with a plethora of non-essential processes like sexual desire, libido, etc.

Seldom advertised, natural performance booster pills work on your testosterone, hormones, erection, and more over your general health. All the ingredients are essential to plant nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis.

They are prepared for your whole body, not for a single part of you, and therefore, you can expect an overall exploding change after taking these supplements.

Blowing that grain of salt in your mind is the fact that most of these products are FDA-approved due to their organic nature and don’t pose much threat to health, unlike chemical drugs.

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All these products are loaded with minerals and vitamins that boost overall male immunity and health.


Masturbation is a very natural and normal act of relieving oneself sexually. The myth that it may lead to a decrease in immunity came around to stop younger teens from overdoing it. There is no scientific truth behind this.

Masturbation has no side effects on your fertility, erections, hair, immunity, or health. Overdoing it can only lead to sore genitals. Poor immunity can stem from poor diet, heredity, or an underlying medical condition.

To boost your sexual health naturally, you can resort to natural performance boosters. Regular intake of these pills can ensure overall sexual health and immunity.

Written by Lukas Weier
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