coffee to treat erectile dysfunction

Can Coffee Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Can coffee cure erectile dysfunction? Read on to learn whether this stimulant can have beneficial effects on your penile function and erections.

Quick summary

  • Moderate coffee consumption (2-3 cups per day) has been linked to a lower likelihood of erectile dysfunction (ED), but it cannot be considered a treatment for the condition. Caffeine in coffee helps relax arteries and smooth muscles in the penis, enabling better blood flow and erections.
  • The link between coffee and ED is not conclusively proven, and excessive caffeine intake may negatively impact libido due to its stimulatory effects.
  • Nutraceuticals like Male Extra, Max Performer, VigRX Plus, and Viasil can be used as natural alternatives to chemical drugs for treating ED, as they are made from organic ingredients and do not cause side effects.

For all those who need a steaming cuppa of freshly brewed coffee in the mornings to kick-start their day, we might have some good news!

Men and coffee can be bound in a sacred relationship forever, especially since this stimulant does tonnes of goodness to their libido!

Coffee has been a classical performance booster in track as well as in bed, and there are numerous studies showing this.

If you have heard that coffee can cure erectile dysfunction, we shall pour some insights into this matter and lay out the facts down here. Read further to learn more.

What leads to erectile dysfunction?

Some men may have trouble working on their boners at times. Mostly, it is a temporary issue and gets solved on its own. But, if it happens frequently, then you may have erectile dysfunction (ED).

It is the inability to get/sustain an erection long and hard enough to engage in penetrative sex. Usually, it affects older men above 60, but sometimes, men above 30 may also experience ED issues.

A man needs physical or emotional stimulation to get an erection. This stimulation is signals sent by the brain to the nerves in and around the penis to increase blood flow.

The muscles thereafter relax to allow blood inside the penis, making it firm and erect from soft and flaccid.

But sometimes, the blood flow is disrupted, and you may have trouble getting an erection. It could be due to an underlying disease such as diabetes, heart condition, cancer surgery, enlarged prostate, obesity, stress, low testosterone, or anxiety.

Does coffee cure ED?

A study revealed that men who drank more than 350 mg of caffeine per day were less likely to report ED than men who did not. However, no other studies confirmed this observation, and more research is needed to prove this.

The theory stemmed from the fact that coffee boosts the mind and refreshes your tired body; hence, it may stimulate your brain for better erectile function.

However, be mindful that too much caffeine can cause anxiety and lead to loss of libido as well. Ideally, men who drink two to three cups of coffee per day may find it easier to get and maintain an erection.

Moreover, caffeine relaxes the arteries and the smooth muscles in the penis, enabling better blood flow and a better erection.

So, if you have two to three cups of coffee per day, you can rest assured that you are less likely to develop ED. However, coffee cannot be used as a treatment for ED.

How to cure ED naturally?

If you are suffering from ED and do not want to take any chemical drugs like Viagra, then you can rely on nutraceuticals for your sexual health and combat ED issues naturally.

Chemical drugs like Viagra are not safe for long-term use. Moreover, penile devices might become difficult to use for long hours on a daily basis.

Nutraceuticals are natural, herbal, and Ayurvedic medicines made using 100% organic ingredients. These do not cause any side effects and can be bought without needing a prescription.

Some of the best supplements are Male Extra, Max Performer, VigRX Plus, and Viasil. The natural performance-boosting qualities of these pills help you get/sustain your erections and enhance your libido.


You can continue having coffee up to three cups per day, but do not expect caffeine to cure your condition. Also, too much coffee might interfere with your libido due to the stimulatory effect of caffeine.

Moderate coffee consumption is scientifically shown to be inducing a positive effect on your erectile health; however, more conclusive studies need to prove it.

Meanwhile, combining erection booster pills into your daily diet will help you combat the ED naturally. Make sure you are getting the best erection booster pills from the market.

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