swollen prostate and erectile dysfunction

What Is The Relation Between Swollen Prostate And Erectile Dysfunction?

Do you know that swollen prostate is connected to your erection, and it might even lead to erectile dysfunction? Learn more about it here in this article.

Quick summary

  • Swollen prostate, or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), and erectile dysfunction (ED) have no direct connection. ED usually occurs after treatments for swollen prostate, such as therapy and medication, rather than being caused by the swollen prostate itself.
  • Lifestyle changes and daily habits can help alleviate symptoms related to swollen prostate, while natural erection boosters like Member XXL, Viasil, Max Performer, and Eron Plus can help address ED caused by prostate treatments.
  • To reduce the risk of prostate treatment-related ED, incorporating a supplement into one’s diet could be beneficial, and using natural erection booster pills can support both prostate health and erectile function.

According to studies, do you know that almost 322 million men worldwide may experience erectile dysfunction due to their underlying health issues?

For those of you who do not know what exactly erectile dysfunction (ED) is, it is a common condition in older men that causes the inability to get an erection.

However, in recent cases, not only older men but also young men experience erectile dysfunction due to their unhealthy lifestyle choices and swollen prostate.

Swollen prostates or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) affects your sexual ability and causes erectile dysfunction in young men.

In this article, we will unleash the relation between swollen prostate and ED. So, keep reading to know more.

What are it and the causes of swollen prostate?

In simple words, the prostate is a walnut-shaped part of the reproduction system in men. It produces the fluid that results in semen and increases the chances of your fertility.

However, when the prostate grows larger than the usual size without any signs of cancer, it simply means you may be experiencing a swollen prostate.

There are no exact reasons why it may happen to younger men. However, since swollen prostate generally targets older men with hormonal imbalance, experts believe it is the same reason men at young age may experience it.

So, if you experience the following symptoms, you may require the treatment:

  1. Delayed urine
  2. Bloody urine
  3. Pain while urinating
  4. Urine leakage

How is swollen prostate connected to erectile dysfunction?

In reality, swollen prostate and ED have no direct connection. In fact, men may experience ED only after getting the treatments, including the therapy and medication.

Hard medicines like Proscar leads to erectile dysfunction and affects your sex drive. The swollen prostate itself doesn’t involve any physiological aspects of erection or libido.

However, if the gland starts paining, it might psychologically withdraw you from engaging in sex.

There may not be natural ways of treating swollen prostate permanently, but changing your lifestyle and daily habits may result in satisfactory aftermath.

However, to relieve the painful symptoms, you must urinate as frequently as possible while avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

Other than that, many experts also believe using natural erection boosters like Member XXL, Viasil, Max Performer, and Eron Plus are beneficial to beat erectile dysfunction in men after experiencing the side effects of swollen prostate treatments.


Swollen prostate is a common disorder in men, and it happens with age and hormonal imbalance. However, there is no scientific evidence that it leads to erectile dysfunction.

However, ED might occur in men who undergo prostate treatment the treatment itself due to the hard chemical drugs.

Including a supplement in your diet might be a great choice to avert swollen prostate, thereby reducing the risk of prostate treatment-related ED.

Natural erection booster pills are one of the best choices for boosting your prostate health as well as enhancing your erection.

Make sure you are making this a routine and use the top-rated products in the market for the best results.

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