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Does CoQ10 Increase Testosterone?

CoQ10 is one of the underlooked antioxidant biomolecules in our body. But latest studies reveal that they could boost testosterone in men. Learn more here.

Quick summary

  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) indirectly influences testosterone levels by acting on inhibitor biomolecules that would otherwise decrease testosterone synthesis or bioavailability in the human body. It is particularly beneficial for men with lower testosterone levels.
  • Taking 200 mg of CoQ10 twice daily can improve sperm quality in men. As an antioxidant, it reduces oxidative stress and helps sperm move more efficiently, boosting testosterone synthesis in Leydig and Sertoli cells in testicles.
  • Natural testosterone boosters such as Testogen, TestoFuel, TestRX, Testolan, and Prime Male are available and contain nutrients that can boost both CoQ10 and testosterone levels without the need for a prescription.

Increasing testosterone level in males is a never-ending topic of discussion since it’s the primary sex hormone and is a significant catalyst ensuring wellness in people.

Even a 1978 based study with 30 test subjects has found a special connection between coenzyme Q10 and testosterone.

Understanding the role of the CoQ10 is essential because it plays a critical part in energy creation, which indirectly influences testosterone synthesis.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s try to understand the role of CoQ10 in boosting testosterone.

How CoQ10 enzyme increases testosterone?

The connection between CoQ10 and testosterone is exactly the opposite of what you have in your mind.

Studies say that CoQ10 won’t directly act in the human body to increase testosterone; instead, the action is more indirect.

This enzyme acts on some of the inhibitor biomolecules that otherwise would decrease the synthesis or bioavailability of testosterone in the human body.

This helped the medical services suppliers, especially doctors, utilize coenzyme CoQ10 as a supplementary solution with medication or therapy to control testosterone degradation.

But gauging the benefits, it is much easier to boost the testosterone levels than to supplement this enzyme since the detailed pharmacodynamics is yet to be fully understood.

However, there are various other documented and well-studied benefits of the CoQ10 enzyme in heart care, brain cell health, treating blood pressure, etc.

How to improve testosterone level with CoQ10?

Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is highly recommended for men struggling with lower testosterone levels.

It is suggested that patients taking 200 mg twice daily can improve the quality of sperm in men. CoQ10 works as a co-factor in mitochondria (the powerhouse of all cells).

CoQ10 works as an antioxidant, reduces damage caused by oxidative stress and helps sperm move more efficiently. This effect, when imparted to the Leydig and Sertoli cells in testicles, the testosterone synthesis is boosted.

There are several natural testosterone boosters from the trending internet market to try if you want to increase your CoQ10 and testosterone level without involving anabolic steroids.

TestogenTestoFuel, TestRX, Testolan, and Prime Male are some of the best testosterone boosters loaded with natural ingredients and, therefore, don’t cause any side effects.


Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a widely recognized antioxidant, is often linked to improved mitochondrial functioning.

At the same time, they can aid the testosterone hike, especially when the CoQ10 is supplemented in a daily diet.

There are natural testosterone booster supplements made from plant-based extracts, and these products contain certain nutrients that can boost both the CoQ10 enzyme and testosterone at the same time.

Since these products are made from organic compounds, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to procure and use them.

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