nitrates for erectile dysfunction

How Nitrates Help People With Erectile Dysfunction?

Nitric oxide is an important component that helps in vasodilation, so does nitrate in your diet help to improve erectile dysfunction? Read more here.

Quick summary

  • Men taking nitrates for heart disease should not take ED drugs like Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra, as the combination can cause dangerous drops in blood pressure levels and even lead to cardiac arrest.
  • Erectile dysfunction can be treated naturally with supplements such as Male Extra, Max Performer, Vigrx Plus, or Viasil, which do not react with nitrates and are considered safe alternatives to chemical drugs.
  • These natural erection pills are 100% organic and manufactured in certified Good Manufacturing Practice facilities, and they help with nitric oxide activity without cross-interacting with medications.

Are you unable to get an erection because of your heart condition? Well, beware of severe complications before popping Viagra to curb your erectile dysfunction (ED).

Nitrates do help people with erectile dysfunction. These are vasodilators given to patients with heart disease. They widen the blood vessels, thereby allowing them to pump more blood into the heart.

Nitrates are mostly given to treat chest pain and symptoms of heart failure, but they are widely used in treating impotence.

This article will give a rundown on how nitrates help your erectile condition and much more. Read further!

Nitrates does vasodilation

Erectile dysfunction is considered an early warning sign for heart disease. Oral nitrates like Isordil and Nitro-Dur are often prescribed to heart patients.

Men taking nitrates cannot take ED drugs like Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra, as the combination may cause dangerous drops in blood pressure levels.

When a man takes Viagra, it causes the dilation of the blood vessels to allow more blood flow to the erectile tissue in the penis. This dilation also decreases blood pressure by a small amount.

Nitrates have the same effect on the blood vessels. When nitrates and Viagra are used together, the interaction can cause a severe drop in blood pressure, affecting heart health and even leading to cardiac arrest.

So, how can you combat erectile dysfunction when you are taking nitrates for heart disease? Well, there are now some safer nutraceutical supplements that do not react with nitrates. But, it is better to go the natural way to combat ED.

How to treat ED naturally?

If you do not want to take any chemical drugs to cure your erectile issues while already on nitrates, you can resort to natural erection pills to curb your ED.

These are potent natural supplements containing nutrients that supplement the correct working of the body. These are 100% organic and natural products manufactured in a cGMP(certified Good Manufacturing Practice) facility.

All these products are scientifically tested, and some of them are even clinically tested on human volunteers.

To name a few suggestions for you, Male Extra, Max Performer, Vigrx Plus, or Viasil are the market toppers, but there are hundred other products as well!

The best part is the products themselves help in nitric oxide activity; on top of that, they don’t cross-interact with any of your medications.

Erection boosters are usually considered natural food supplements; therefore, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to procure them.


The FDA has warned against using Viagra (or any other generic ED medications) with nitrates. Nitrates help people with erectile dysfunction, but they must get in your body through your diet, not chemical drugs.

Nitrate-based drugs are vasodilators and are given to dilate blood vessels in patients suffering from heart disease.

They do not cause ED but also do treat it. Patients with erectile issues and heart disease need to take other safer chemical drugs that do not interact with nitrates.

It is better to use natural erection pills to combat erectile issues if you are already on nitrates for your heart condition. These can be safely taken along with nitrates.

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