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Are There Sex Positions For Men With Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is sometimes inevitable in your life, but that doesn’t kill your fun. Learn about some exclusive sex positions for people with ED.

Quick summary

  • Certain sex positions, such as doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, morning spoon, and pelvic thrust missionary, can help improve blood flow to the penis and provide the necessary stimulation for successful sexual intercourse for men with erectile dysfunction.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercising, reducing stress, communicating with your partner, and considering couple counseling can help improve erectile function.
  • Natural erection booster pills like Male Extra, Max Performer, VigRX Plus, and Viasil, made with organic ingredients, can also help improve sexual performance and penile health.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem in men that is not too unheard of. There are many ways to cure it, from medical assistance to psychological support.

However, is there a way to overcome this condition just by using certain sex positions?

ED is a condition when a man cannot maintain an erection during intercourse. Some of the major reasons behind it might be the poor flow of blood to the penis, not having enough nerve stimulation, or weak pelvic muscles.

These reasons can affect your sexual life to a great extent, ruining your relationship with your partners. But, you can avoid this very easily, and all you need to do is take up a few sex positions that help you maintain a proper blood flow to the penis. 

And that is because this itself can provide the stimulation needed for successful sexual intercourse. So, in this article, we will tell you about the privileged positions that can help you enjoy sex and satisfies your partner.

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Sex positions for men with erectile dysfunction

You do not need to worry about a failed intercourse session with your partner. Instead, try the following sex positions that will work like absolute magic:

Doggy style

This position gives a significant range of motion to the male counterpart during sex. In this position, you can have complete control over the pace of the sex. You can speed up or slow down the pace to match up with your partner.

Also, this position offers a great deal of muscle movement and nerve stimulation to your body. Therefore, it makes intercourse much more effective for you as you can maintain your erection for a longer duration.


Although this position does not support as great a range of movement as compared to the doggy style, it is good in its own aspects. In this position, you can relax your body and won’t have to strain your muscles. And on the plus side, this position produces a large amount of nerve stimulation for the penis.

This way, men can keep up with the sexual practice. Besides, this position also gives you enough time to help your partner to climax.

Reverse cowgirl

This position is extremely good for the flow of blood to the penis. Also, with your partner exercising control over you, there are many movements that your partner can take up to make the sex more thrilling.

The prone position of the partner during different motions, back and forth, grinding or bouncing, stimulates the penis greatly and helps maintain a firm erection during the entire session. Also, if needed, it can help in changing the pace too.

Morning spoon position

In the morning spoon position, you need to lay down behind your partner, with your chest against the partner’s back, and enter the latter from behind.

This position provides ample range of motion for both individuals, and therefore, they can come up with the position that helps them exercise greater penetration while being comfortable with the flow.

Besides, you can also try this position when you and your partner are facing each other. Although the penetration is not as shallow as desired by most men, the movements of both of them can make up for the impending difference.

Pelvic thrust missionary position

This position involves the active participation of both individuals in intercourse. Rather than taking on the standard missionary position, women produce motion to stimulate their sexual organs along with yours.

For this position, after the initial thrust by the man, your partner will make her motions, grinding or rotating. This will create friction and stimulation for both you and your partner.

To make the position even more effective, your partner can incline over her elbows to increase the penetration by the man. This way, both of you will be able to reach rather intense climaxes.

How to improve your erection?

There are several ways through which ED can be cured. Some of these involve significantly highly leveled scientific and medical practices. However, several natural ways can affect men’s performance in a good way.

Some measures to take to ensure a firm erection are:

  • Opt for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle
  • Stop smoking or drinking, and take up a healthy diet
  • Exercise daily to ensure a healthy lifestyle
  • Be social enough to not let anxiety and stress get the better of you
  • Have proper communication with your partner
  • Register for couple counseling from professionals if needed

However, if you are about to try the mentioned measures, you can also add on extra advantages by consuming natural erection boosters pills for men.

These are generally made from organic ingredients that not only better the quality of your sexual performance but also improve your penile health.

The following are some of the best products in the market that you must consider purchasing.

Male Extra

Male Extra is one of the best market-toppers for treating erectile dysfunction and improving your overall sexual performance. It is made with 100% organic ingredients that will enhance blood flow and give you an erection that satisfies you and your partner.

Max Performer

Max Performer is the most-preferred natural male enhancement pill made with safe and organic ingredients like ginseng. These formulated ingredients increase your blood flow as well as your sexual stamina. Besides, it is trusted by most of the sex experts out there.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is one of the most potent male erection pills that improve ED quicker than usual. Besides, its effective results make VigRX the best-sold libido booster in the market.


Viasil is a popular herbal supplement that corrects blood flow in your penis and improves ED in no time. Apart from that, consuming Viasil before your sexual intercourse can enjoy a hard-rock erection and long-lasting sex.


Erectile dysfunction is not a problem that can’t be solved at all. Even if you do not find the proper treatment, there are different ways in which you can improve your performance without adopting major changes.

And one of these ways will be to bring about a certain change in the sex positions.

But, of course, that is just you can simply change your sex game forever. First, you must definitely check out the popular natural erection booster pills for intense and long-lasting effects.  

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