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Is There A Difference Between Sperm And Semen?

They may come from the same place, but did you know that sperm and semen have a difference? Check this article to learn more about this wonder.

Quick summary

  • Sperm and semen are not the same things, and understanding the difference between the two can help in understanding sexual health and tackling any related problems.
  • Sperm is the haploid cell containing half the pair of chromosomes needed for fertilizing a female egg, while semen is a nutrient-rich fluid that contains sperm and enzymes to sustain them.
  • Boosting ejaculation volume can be achieved through regular exercise, a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and using natural volume boosters like Volume Pills, and Semenax.

Most people aren’t aware of sexual facts in society. Due to this reason, many people don’t know what exactly they are saying. For example, many of us don’t know the real difference between sperm and semen.

Most people believe that both sperm and semen are the same things. However, the reality is that sperm and semen are not the same things, and you can benefit from knowing the difference between these two items.

Believe it or not, it is one of the most basic pieces of information about the reproductive system. By learning this difference, many sexual facts will become clear to you. As a result, you can tackle any sexual problem easily in life.

For this reason, you should read this article to the end and learn the real difference between sperm and semen. You would be surprised to know the difference between these two items.

What are sperms?

These are tiny little you with a tail carrying some vital information to develop a junior you!

If that was so simple, then sperms are haploid cells that contain half a pair of chromosomes needed for fertilizing a female egg.

Believe it or not, 1,000 sperm cells are produced per second throughout the lifespan of a human being.

However, this process slows down gradually in the thirties, and that’s why you must consider some supplements to boost sperm health. After the age of 70, the sperm production rate diminishes exponentially but doesn’t halt completely!

You would be surprised to know that the process takes about 72 days for sperm to mature, and it remains in the testicles for 14 days.

After this period, sperm cells naturally die in the testicles. Later, these dead sperm cells get filtered out from the body naturally through the kidneys.

Depression and bad lifestyle choices can reduce the sperm production rate and reduce fertility in a man significantly.

Sperm cells are very sensitive and die a few hours after getting out of testicles. However, sperm cells can stay alive in cryogenic temperatures with semen. Sperm banks can keep your sperm alive for many decades by keeping it frozen.

Now a little about semen

A male produces semen as a bodily fluid, which contains sperms in it. Aside from sperms, semen is nutrient-rich, containing fructose and other enzymes.

These nutrients make a protective field for sperm that help them survive the journey to successful fertilization.

The color of semen is opalescent whitish most of the time. However, any disease of internal infection can change it too.

This whitish color is because of the significant amount of protein that is present in it, and the concentration of sperm increases its whiteness.

All men produce semen in the seminal vesicles located in the pelvic cavity. Any injury, damage, or disease that affects testicular pathways can affect semen production.

Along with different diseases, a sinful lifestyle and mental status can also affect semen production in the human body. However, many medicines have come to the market which can increase both sperm and semen production.

Now, to make it clear

Although both sperm and semen come from the same hole, they are technically different!

  • Sperm is the fertility cells conjugate with egg cells and create the baby. On the other hand, semen is a mix of body fluid and sperm.
  • Most sperm cells are made from protein and carry the male’s DNA sequence. On the other hand, semen contains fructose and other enzymes to sustain sperm cells.
  • The main purpose of sperm is to conjugate with egg cells and create the baby, while the main purpose of semen is to give protective shielding to sperm cells and help them finish the journey.
  • The color of sperm is pure white, while the color of semen is pearly white.
  • Sperm cells are the carrier of life. But semen is the medium that helps this process.

How do you improve the health of ejaculate?

When sperm combines with semen and ejects out of your penis, it shall be called male ejaculate. In a nutshell, the nutrients or supplements taken to improve sperm or semen health are the same.

But when clinically treating, there will be a slight difference in the therapeutics because of the sheer difference in purpose.

Healthy sperm cells guarantee healthy offspring. Any defect in the sperm cells can cause congenital disabilities in the child.

So, if you want your next generation to be smart and strong, you should emphasize healthy sperm cell production.

Here are some ways you can follow to have healthy ejaculation:

  • The first thing you can do is regular exercise. You would be surprised to know that regular exercise increases blood flow to the testicles and increase sperm production.
  • Apart from exercise, you also need to pick a healthy diet to boost sperm production. Unhealthy foods kill sperm production in the testicles. Hence, make necessary changes to your diet to build healthy sperms.
  • Illegal narcotics are also bad for sperms. Hence, give up all addictions if you want to have healthy sperm. Many studies also support the fact that drug, alcohol, and cigarette addiction are bad for sexual health.
  • If you are someone who sacrifices sleep, then it’s time to get some good sleep because ejaculation health highly depends on the amount of sleep you get.

Nature’s helping hand

Ejaculation is not only a part of fertility but also a part of your energy source. Due to this reason, you will feel depressed and weak when your sperm/semen production decreases.

On the other hand, by boosting their level, you can also gain strength and inner confidence very easily. This is why you need some product that is effective but safe!

Anyone who has low ejaculation volume in their body needs to take care of his sex organs. In this process, these 3 volume boosters we cherry-picked from the crowd may be useful.

Volume Pills

volume pills

As the name would suggest, Volume Pills are supplements that can boost the volume of your ejaculate. It is a combination of potent herbs, animal products, and other plant extracts that can help to nourish the male sex pathways to function in order.



After a certain age or disease, semen production can decrease in a male naturally. At that time, Semenax will be the best male enhancement you could find. This supplement is made from natural ingredients and boosts semen production naturally.


We bet that you never knew there was a small difference between sperm and semen. But that is all okay! Nobody thinks it through when it comes to sexual health.

The real benefit is that now you know how your genitals work and can do much better to boost their health!

Exercises, diets, lifestyle changes, yoga, you name it! There are hundreds of ways to boost your ejaculation volume, but your sexual health needs to be taken care of.

As an easy recommendation, natural volume boosters are one great suggestion. Moreover, you can go all organic and start following some of the tips mentioned above in this article.

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