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How Erection Works And How To Get A Monster Erection?

Is it possible to get a monster erection, or does it exist only in movies? Here is all about how an erection works and how to get a super-huge erection.

Quick summary

  • An erection begins in the brain, with chemical signals sent to blood vessels in the penis in response to stimuli. The corpora cavernosa in the penis fill with blood, causing an erection. Kegel exercises, a healthy diet, and quitting smoking can all help improve the strength of erections.
  • A cock ring can help keep blood in the shaft of the penis, leading to longer and harder erections. Heavy alcohol use and stress can negatively impact sexual performance.
  • Natural dietary supplements for sexual health, such as Male Extra, Max Performer, VigRX Plus, and Viasil, can provide strong erections without the side effects of chemical drugs. These products are scientifically tested, and some are even FDA-cleared.

The human body works in mysterious ways. While every organ’s working methodology is admirable, penile erections have the most unique networking system.

So, if you want in-depth knowledge about how an erection works, you might be able to figure out ways to get a monster erection for better sexual pleasure.

But can you get a monster erection like how you see in movies? Is it even possible?

Read on further to know how an erection works and how to get a stronger and harder erection.

How does an erection work?

Your brain is where an erection begins. Your nervous system sends chemical signals to the blood vessels in your penis in response to something you saw, felt, heard, smelled, or thought.

We must first review the anatomy of the penis in order to understand how an erection functions. The corpora cavernosa, which consists of two chambers, runs along the length of your penis. Each one has a web of blood vessels that resembles sponges.

An erection is produced when these same blood vessels loosen up and open, allowing blood to rush through and fill them. The blood is trapped by a membrane around the corpora cavernosa, ensuring that your penis remains firm.

However, erections aren’t just about the penis. Your brain also contributes. Your brain signals your penis to relax its muscles and allow blood to flow when you become aroused.

Once blood enters the penis, the corpora cavernosa pressure seals it inside. The erection is held by the expansion of your penis.

Sperm from the testes is forced toward the rear of the urethra through tubes known as the vas deferens when you are aroused. There is also a fluid release from the seminal vesicles.

The sperm and fluid mixture are detected by the urethra. It then sends signals to your spinal cord during the peak of arousal, and your spinal cord, in turn, sends signals to the muscles at the base of your penis.

Every 0.8 seconds, these contract incredibly quickly and forcefully. As you reach your climax, this forces the semen out of the penis. Your penis softens when the blood flow ceases and the veins open.

How to get a monster erection?

Making dietary and lifestyle changes, taking supplements, and trying medications may help someone who wants to have stronger erections.

Addressing any psychological and emotional issues and communicating with a sexual partner can be beneficial.

Here are some ways to get a monster erection:

Eat a healthy diet

Foods that are bad for the heart, according to research, are also bad for the penis. This is true as both the heart and the penis depend on blood flow to function properly.

A good place to start is with the Mediterranean diet, which includes fruits, whole grains, heart-healthy fats like nuts and olive oil, red wine, and vegetables.

Use a cock ring

You can keep your erection with the aid of a cock ring. It is an O-shaped sex object that fits around your penis and keeps blood where you want it—in the shaft. Your erections can be made longer and harder in this manner.

Try kegel exercises

Sexual activity involves the use of the pelvic floor muscles. The Kegels, or pelvic floor muscles, contract during sexual activity to increase the penis’ rigidity and pressure.

To put it another way, Kegel exercises, which involve contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles, can improve the strength of your erections.

Quit smoking

There is some evidence that smoking impacts erection size and strength. Smoking is a known cause of impotence. Researchers discovered in one study that smokers’ penises are smaller than non-smokers.

Smoking may harm penile tissue, making it less elastic, preventing it from stretching, and damaging blood vessels.

Cut down on alcohol

Heavy alcohol use is linked to a higher risk of sexual dysfunction. Usually, one or two drinks won’t hurt. However, there is a direct link between your alcohol consumption and the frequency of your sex performance problems.

Apart from these mentioned above, reduce stress and try to stay away from diabetes. If you want stronger erections instantly, you can try natural dietary supplements for sexual health.

Natural erection boosters can give you monstrous erections

Don’t get attracted by chemical drugs that are easily available over the counter, such as Viagra or Cialis, that claim to provide you with harder and longer erections.

While these may prove to be effective for a short time, they have severe side effects when used in the long run.

Take only tried and tested nutraceuticals for sexual health, such as Male Extra, Max Performer, VigRX Plus, and Viasil, if you want the best results without any side effects.

These are tried and tested natural erection supplements that give you hard and strong erections while enhancing sexual performance and maximizing the male sex drive. These pose no side effects and can be purchased without any prescriptions.

These 100% organic and natural products are manufactured in a cGMP(certified Good Manufacturing Practice) facility. All our products are scientifically tested; some are even clinically tested on human volunteers. Some of our supplements are FDA-cleared as well.


To things wrap up, there are some lifestyle changes you can make to get strong and hard erections.

These include changing to a healthy diet plan, exercising moderately regularly, quitting smoking, and reducing alcohol.

But these factors alone wouldn’t be enough to guarantee you a monster erection, especially the one you might have seen in adult movies.

Do not fall into the trap of chemical drugs, as they might create severe medical complications.

Natural erection booster supplements can help you get a decent erection when used for longer. However, make sure you buy supplements the best of best natural supplements for desired results.

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