how to last longer in bed

How To Have Longer Sex?

The beauty of sex lies in the moments you spend with your partner, and that’s why you need to know how to have longer sex. Check this article to learn it.

Quick summary

  • Tips and tricks from experts to increase your bedtime and have longer sex, including using a penis ring, minding your partner, training yourself to control ejaculation, trying new things, and meditating.
  • Herbal and organic supplements, like Semaxin and ProSolution Plus, can safely and effectively improve sexual performance and last longer in bed.
  • A mindful approach to sex, embracing each moment, and trying new things can help build a strong bond with your partner and lead to a healthier relationship.

Have you ever wondered how those men featured on the porn movies manage an hour long sex?

Well, some might call it a movie trick, but the real truth is slightly better than cheesy movie tricks, and all the credits go for some secret tips and tricks they use.

Yes, you heard it right, and in fact, you can also do it with a little bit of practice and preparation.

Sometimes supplements are involved in this process, but not the kind of one you are thinking about.

These are herbal and organic products made by combining various aphrodisiac and performance enhancer plant products into a capsule.

Some of the performance boosts are straightforward changes in your sexual features, which you can see instantly!

Having a long and passionate session would help you build a strong bond with your partner, which is, in fact, the key to a long relationship.

So, without adding more words, let see how to have longer sex.

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How to last longer in bed?

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Here are some of the tips and tricks from the experts to increase your bedtime.

Penis ring

This is a simple and effective solution to sustain an erection so that you get that extra vigor you needed.

In most men, the erection would go away in 5.4 minutes, but it could be stretched for a few minutes.

Penis rings are worn on the shaft ending of the penis, which restricts the blood flow back into circulation.

Mind your partner

Sex is never a one-way road, and your partner’s pleasure is as important as yours.

The key is to help them build the sexual peak, which in fact helps yourself ease some pressure -off.

Thus, a mutual vibe is created in the bed, which would give a heightened climax and more vigorous moments as well.

Train yourself

If you finish things too fast in the bed, then it is not always a medical condition steering it.

If you are young and walking the initial days of sex, then it isn’t a big deal at all.

You need to train yourself to control the outburst and abstain from ejaculating too early into the session. Your partner’s role in this matter is also crucial.

Toys aren’t bad

No. taking a little help of toys doesn’t mean a cheat; instead, you are trying to balance the climax.

If she needs a little more than usual stimulation, then a vibrator can help to ease the situation and work effectively.

You can accordingly start involving in the game, and in the end, both of you can have a synchronized orgasm.

Invest in foreplay

The most important thing for longer sex is to have good foreplay. Many people miss out on this factor, and the result is a rocket session.

Foreplay is the best way to trade love, get intimate, have some fun before the mega event.

According to some studies, foreplay can likely heighten the orgasm by 41% and improve the sexual understanding between partners.

Try something new

Going with the old and monotonous way of sex would kill the thrill much faster than you would think.

Experimenting and bring fantasies alive is one way to add some spice to your bedroom game.

Try new positions, sensations, and ambiances to make sure that you are fuelling the future of intimacy.


This might sound funny, but yes, having a mindful approach to sex can help you slow down at places and squeeze all fun out of bed.

People who meditate or practice yoga can control the hardest sexual outbursts, and this means you are going to spend more time in bed.

There are several mobile apps and exercising techniques that you can incorporate in your workout routine to have that level of control on the bed.

Supplements for rescue

There are hundreds of supplements that can help safely increase the time on the bed.

They are often sold under premature ejaculation pills genre, but these herbal supplements can improve your existing time as well.

Here is an editor’s special recommendation of best premature ejaculation treatment pills:

1. Semaxin

SemaxinAn excellent male fertility enhancer from the house of Key Player Limited and this product can grant you exceptional control over your ejaculation.

Mainly the blood flow into the penis, and nerve signaling is boosted so that the libido stays at its peak, and the user can withdraw before climax without losing vigor.

2. Climax Control

Climax Control

Another premature ejaculation pill that slows down the erection without hampering the vigor, thus giving an extra 30 minutes of bedtime.

Not just that, this product also sharpens the libido, helps with stronger erection, and intense orgasm.

3. ProSolution Plus

Prosolution Plus

A clinically studied product with 78% satisfied users, this product is a well-made capsule from the cGMP facility of Leading Edge Health.

Around 64% of its users reported an improvement in premature release within 8 weeks of using this product.

4. RizerXL

rizer xl

A one-shot ejaculation booster that can increase the volume as well as retention time for a pleasurable session.

This product contains a dozen ingredients, all of which help in boosting the libido, improving erection quality, increasing testosterone levels in the blood, and regulating serotonin.


Rushing things make it difficult on the bed for both you and your partner. Take it slow, embrace each moment, and try to pat the core of love.

The supplements can ease off some pressure, but the main deal is in your hands.

Always have a mindful approach when it comes to sex, and it is the best investment for a healthy relationship.

Make sure that you are not a sexual pressure-cooker releasing the gas; instead, a gracefully baked pie of love, affection, and intimacy.

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Written by Lukas Weier

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