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What Are The Differences Between Testosterone And Estradiol?

Do you know that men and women both need testosterone and estradiol? Read more about this fact here, and learn how to maintain them naturally.

Quick summary

  • Testosterone and Estradiol are two critical hormones that define male and female sexuality. Testosterone helps in the development of male sexual characteristics while estradiol is responsible for defining female sexual characteristics.
  • High levels of estradiol in men can lead to infertility, erectile dysfunction, and stature problems.
  • To regulate testosterone levels, natural testosterone boosters like Testogen, Testolan, TestRX, Testofuel, and Prime Male can be used. These are organic supplements that are safe and free of side effects.

Testosterone and estradiol, two critical hormones that define humanity. While one sculpts males, the other one is very important for defining feminity.

Both of them are sex hormones, but if one is too high in the wrong gender, it creates havoc. Despite few changes in their basic chemical structure, these two hormones hold some key differences.

This article will give you a decent overview of their differences and a quick tip at the end to increase the androgens.

So, without further ado, let us jump into the detail of the article.

Testosterone and Estradiol – What all should you know?


A male sex hormone, which has a peak activity to define the gender of the baby and later reappears during puberty to initiate sexuality in males.

This 17-carbon ring chemical compound is a natural steroid or a fat molecule that helps the boy become a man.

The aggression, libido, sexuality, bass tone, facial hair, muscular body, all of these are part of the testosterone plan.

The teen to adult transformation is the phase where this hormone has a major role to play.


The female hormone is collectively called estrogens. Estradiol and estrone are the two important hormones in this group, and it defines the female sexual characteristics.

This hormone appears in her puberty to initiate ovulation, which will last till menopause. All secondary sexual characteristics of a female are defined by this hormone.

Even the female libido, sexual orientation, vigor, mood, etc., are regulated by the variation in estrogen along with other hormones.

Why is too much estradiol not good for men?

Men need 300 -1000 ng/ul in their serum in order to lead a healthy life. Any variation to up or down might not be good for physical and sexual energy.

Estradiol is needed in men to modulate sperm formation, libido and to ensure a proper erection. But high levels of estrogen might lead to a lot of physical and sexual disorders.

If a man has high estrogen, he will suffer from infertility, erectile dysfunction, stature problems (if the level is high during adolescence), etc.

But if you are worried about it, then you shouldn’t be. Because medical science has advanced so far, and we are blessed with a ton of nutraceutical products that can regulate testosterone levels.

These are nothing but dietary supplements made from plant extracts, mineral supplements, and some organic nutrients to boost the testosterone biosynthesis mechanism.

Some of the top natural testosterone boosters include:


In a nutshell, testosterone and estradiol might look in terms of their chemical structure to the eyes of a chemist, but as far as their working is concerned, one is a male hormone, and the other one is the female hormone.

However, testosterone is needed in small amounts for the female body, and estrogen is needed in men in a smaller quantity.

If you are worried about your testosterone level, you can manage it with the help of natural testosterone boosters, which are 100% organic and don’t cause any side effects.

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